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dispatch language keys in tour_* files (1 tour = 1 language file)

2$lang['Start the Tour'] = 'Start the Tour';
3$lang['Visit your Piwigo!'] = 'Visit your Piwigo!';
4$lang['Take a tour and discover the features of your Piwigo gallery » Go to the available tours'] = 'Take a tour and discover the features of your Piwigo gallery » Go to the available tours';
5$lang['TAT_descrp'] = 'Welcome! Here are listed all the available tours to discover the features of your Piwigo gallery.<br><br>Launch a tour below, then follow the instructions. Click Next/Prev (or use the arrows of your keyboard) to navigate during a tour. During a tour, if you go to an other page of the administration, you will be redirected to the current page of the Tour. If you are stuck and can\'t end the tour, going to <em>Plugins » Take A Tour</em> will end the tour.';
6$lang['takeatour_configpage'] = 'Take A Tour » List of Tours';
7$lang['Prev'] = 'Prev';
8$lang['Next '] = 'Next';
9$lang['End tour'] = 'End tour';
10$lang['First Contact'] = 'First Contact';
11$lang['first_contact_descrp'] = 'Recommended for beginners, this tour introduce you Piwigo, its basic features. It will start by adding photos, then manage them. The tour continues with album management and permissions, and ends on the customization using the configuration, the themes and the plugins.';
12$lang['2.7 Tour'] = '2.7 Tour';
13$lang['2_7_0_descrp'] = 'Discover What\'s New in Piwigo 2.7';
14$lang['privacy_descrp'] = 'This tour presents all the ways to protect your photo from public access with the permission systems per album and per photo, and from copying using image protections.';
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