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scripts.js was not loaded on picture page with high images
admin maintenance leave a space between grouped 'non-destructive' actions and 'destructive' actions

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1{if isset($high)}
2{combine_script id='core.scripts' load='async' path='themes/default/js/scripts.js'}
3<a href="javascript:phpWGOpenWindow('{$high.U_HIGH}','{$high.UUID}','scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,status=no,resizable=yes')">
5        <img src="{$SRC_IMG}" style="width:{$WIDTH_IMG}px;height:{$HEIGHT_IMG}px;" alt="{$ALT_IMG}"
6        {if isset($COMMENT_IMG)}
7                title="{$COMMENT_IMG|@strip_tags:false|@replace:'"':' '}" {else} title="{$current.TITLE|@replace:'"':' '} - {$ALT_IMG}"
8        {/if}>
9{if isset($high) }
11        <p>{'Click on the photo to see it in high definition'|@translate}</p>
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