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  • trunk/language/en_UK/admin.lang.php

    r12456 r12477  
    113113$lang['Add New Theme'] = "Add a new theme"; 
    114114$lang['Add Photos'] = 'Add Photos'; 
    115 $lang['add tags'] = "add tags"; 
    116115$lang['Add write access to the "%s" directory'] = 'Add write access to the "%s" directory'; 
    117116$lang['Add'] = "Add"; 
    367366$lang['Languages'] = 'Languages'; 
    368367$lang['Last hit'] = "Last hit"; 
    369 $lang['last import'] = 'last import'; 
    370368$lang['Last revisions'] = "Last revisions"; 
    371369$lang['Last send'] = "Last sent"; 
    522520$lang['Plugins'] = "Plugins"; 
    523521$lang['Position'] = "Position"; 
    524 $lang['predefined filter'] = 'predefined filter'; 
    525522$lang['Preferences'] = "Preferences"; 
    526523$lang['Prepared time for list of users to send mail is limited. Others users are not listed.'] = "The time to prepare the list of users who will be sent mail is limited. Others users are not listed."; 
    759756$lang['width must be a number superior to'] = "width must be a number greater than"; 
    760757$lang['With blank value, gallery title will be used'] = "If blank, the gallery title will be used"; 
    761 $lang['with no album'] = 'with no album'; 
    762 $lang['with no tag'] = 'with no tag'; 
    763 $lang['with no virtual album'] = 'with no virtual album'; 
    764758$lang['wrong filename'] = "wrong filename"; 
    765759$lang['Year'] = "Year"; 
  • trunk/language/fr_FR/admin.lang.php

    r12456 r12477  
    178178$lang['You cannot move an album in its own sub album'] = 'Vous ne pouvez pas déplacer un album dans son propre sous-album'; 
    179179$lang['You need to confirm deletion'] = "Vous devez confirmer la suppression"; 
    180 $lang['add tags'] = "Ajouter les tags"; 
    181180$lang['Associate to album'] = 'Associer à l\'album'; 
    182181$lang['associate to group'] = "Associer au groupe"; 
    743742$lang['All %d photos are selected'] = 'Toutes les %d photos du lot sont sélectionnées'; 
    744743$lang['remove this filter'] = 'supprimer ce filtre'; 
    745 $lang['predefined filter'] = 'filtre prédéfini'; 
    746 $lang['last import'] = 'dernier import'; 
    747 $lang['with no virtual album'] = 'sans album virtuel'; 
    748744$lang['duplicates'] = 'doublons'; 
    749745$lang['Add a filter'] = 'Ajouter un filtre'; 
    760756$lang['Type here the title'] = 'Entrez ici le titre'; 
    761757$lang['remove creation date'] = 'supprimer la date de création'; 
    762 $lang['with no album'] = 'sans album'; 
    763 $lang['with no tag'] = 'sans tag'; 
    764758$lang['Week starts on'] = 'La semaine commence le'; 
    765759$lang['You have %d orphan tags: %s.'] = 'Vous avez %d tags orphelins: %s.'; 
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