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[adult_content] Update tr_TR, thanks to : LazBoy

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  • extensions/adult_content/language/tr_TR/plugin.lang.php

    r16917 r17203  
    6464$lang['ac_text_charte'] = 'Bu site kendi rızası ile erişim yapacak yetişkinlere yöneliktir. 
    6565(translation to be continued...)'; 
     66$lang['ad_c_howitworks'] = 'The principle of the plugin is to help in the management of mature content (it can also be 
     68adapted for violent content). To do this, the plugin manages the visitors and/or the users 
     70as you wish according to your definition of parameters of the plugin.<br /> 
     71<br /> 
     721 - As administrator you must put your adult content in a private gallery or album (the 
     74plugin does not manage the rights to the level of images itself, at least not yet). Then 
     76assign the gallery or album to the two groups \'18\' and \' 16-17\' (created by the plugin) 
     78like this:<br /><br /> 
     80-allow the group \'18\' to see the adult content, reserved for users over the of age of 18 
     82and normal content (but generally the normal content is often public) 
     83<br /><br /> 
     84-allow the group \' 16-17\' to see the adult content reserved for users over the age of 16 
     86and normal content (generally the normal content is often public) 
     87<br /><br /> 
     88- the \'nothing\' group will see the normal content (but generally the normal content is 
     90often public) 
     91<br /> 
     93<br /> 
     942 - Functioning of the plugin<br /> 
     952.1 - The management of the users<br /> 
     96<br /> 
     97If the user is already recorded in the activation of the plugin, the plugin shows a small 
     98block pointing out that he must choose his age. Once he clicks, the page containing the message of \'adult content\' will appear and the choice of choosing their age (Charte_user.php). 
     100Once a visitor chooses his age, it is re-aimed to the page of choice of age (Charte_user.php), directly after its recording. 
     102In practice, the plugin places the user in the 3 groups, \' 18\' \' 16-17\' and \'nothing\', 
     104according to his choice of age. A user may at any time change his age via the block menu of 
     106adult_content except if it is disabled via the administration of piwigo (attention the 
     108direct link to charte_user.php continues to function all the same) : if you wish that a 
     110user cannot change his age then this plugin is useless and use directly the management of 
     112rights at the level of groups and/or images.<br /> 
     113<br /> 
     1142.2 - Visitor management<br /> 
     115<br /> 
     116If the option \'Allow visitors to non-registered to select their age ?\' is enabled, then the 
     118plugin will manage the visitors. * It displays a block menu, indicating the gallery is 
     120\'filtered\' and that if he wishes to disable the filter, he must select his age. 
     121It is then redirected to the page of choice of the age for visitor (chartre.php). 
     123In practice, the visitor is then recorded under one of the 2 users created by the plugin: \' 
     12518\' belonging to the group \' 18 \', and \' 16\' from the group \' 16-17 \'.  These 2 user 
     127accounts may not be modified by users, only by the administrator. 
     128You open and choose to change the theme according to the age of the vistor via these 2 user 
     130accounts.<br /> 
     131<br /> 
     1322.3 - Possible adaptations<br /> 
     133<br /> 
     134You can adapt this plugin for the violent content, simply by changing the files languages 
     136of the plugin (use the plugin Local Files Editor for more ease).  The age limits may also 
     138be changed in this way.'; 
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