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  • trunk/language/zh_CN/admin.lang.php

    r18209 r18246  
    9393$lang['Informations'] = '信息'; 
    9494$lang['Install'] = '安装'; 
    95 $lang['Link all album photos to a new album'] = '链接所有相册的图片到新的相册'; 
    96 $lang['Link all album photos to some existing albums'] = '链接所有相册的图片到现有的相册'; 
    97 $lang['Linked albums'] = '已链接相册'; 
    98 $lang['Lock gallery'] = '冻结图库'; 
     95$lang['Link all album photos to a new album'] = '关联相册的所有图片到新相册'; 
     96$lang['Link all album photos to some existing albums'] = '关联相册的所有图片到已有相册'; 
     97$lang['Linked albums'] = '已关联的相册'; 
     98$lang['Lock gallery'] = '锁定图库'; 
    9999$lang['Maintenance'] = '维护'; 
    100100$lang['Edit album permissions'] = '管理相册权限'; 
    101 $lang['Manage permissions for group "%s"'] = '对组 "%s" 进行权限管理'; 
     101$lang['Manage permissions for group "%s"'] = '对 "%s" 组 进行权限管理'; 
    102102$lang['Manage permissions for user "%s"'] = '对用户 "%s" 进行权限管理'; 
    103 $lang['Manage tags'] = '标签管理'; 
     103$lang['Manage tags'] = '管理标签'; 
    104104$lang['Members'] = '成员'; 
    105 $lang['Metadata synchronized from file'] = '对文件进行元数据同步'; 
     105$lang['Metadata synchronized from file'] = '由文件同步元数据完成'; 
    106106$lang['Move albums'] = '移动相册'; 
    107107$lang['Move'] = '移动'; 
    108108$lang['Name'] = '名字'; 
    109 $lang['New name'] = '新名'; 
     109$lang['New name'] = '新名'; 
    110110$lang['New parent album'] = '新的父相册'; 
    111111$lang['New tag'] = '新建标签'; 
    112112$lang['Number of comments per page'] = '每页评论数'; 
    113 $lang['Number of rates'] = '投票数'; 
    114 $lang['Number of thumbnails to create'] = '缩略图数'; 
    115 $lang['Only private albums are listed'] = '只列出私有相册'; 
     113$lang['Number of rates'] = '评分次数'; 
     114$lang['Number of thumbnails to create'] = '将创建的缩略图数'; 
     115$lang['Only private albums are listed'] = '只列出私有相册'; 
    116116$lang['Operating system'] = '操作系统'; 
    117117$lang['Options'] = '选项'; 
    118118$lang['Other private albums'] = '其他私有相册'; 
    119 $lang['Page banner'] = '页标语'; 
     119$lang['Page banner'] = '页banner'; 
    120120$lang['Parent album'] = '父相册'; 
    121121$lang['Path'] = '路径'; 
    122122$lang['Permalink'] = '固定链接'; 
    123 $lang['Permalink %s has been previously used by album %s. Delete from the permalink history first'] = '固定链接 %s 已被 %s 相册使用了。请先从固定链接历史记录删除。'; 
     123$lang['Permalink %s has been previously used by album %s. Delete from the permalink history first'] = '固定链接 %s 已被相册 %s 使用了。请先将其从固定链接历史记录中删除。'; 
    124124$lang['The permalink name must be composed of a-z, A-Z, 0-9, "-", "_" or "/". It must not be numeric or start with number followed by "-"'] = '固定链接中包含了非法字符("a-zA-Z0-9", "-", "_" ou "/"). 禁止使用数字和以"-"开头后面紧跟数字'; 
    125 $lang['Permalink %s is already used by album %s'] = '固定链接 %s 已被 %s 相册使用了'; 
     125$lang['Permalink %s is already used by album %s'] = '固定链接 %s 已被相册 %s 使用了'; 
    126126$lang['Permalink history'] = '固定链接历史记录'; 
    127127$lang['Permalinks'] = '固定链接'; 
    129129$lang['Permission granted thanks to a group'] = '同组成员可以访问授权类'; 
    130130$lang['Permission granted'] = '允许访问'; 
    131 $lang['Photo informations updated'] = '图片更新信息'; 
     131$lang['Photo informations updated'] = '图片信息已更新'; 
    132132$lang['Plugins'] = '插件'; 
    133133$lang['Position'] = '位置'; 
    183183$lang['Public'] = '公共相册'; 
    184184$lang['Find a new representant by random'] = '采用新的随机相册缩略图'; 
    185 $lang['Public / Private'] = '公 / 私有'; 
     185$lang['Public / Private'] = '公 / 私有'; 
    186186$lang['Manage authorizations for selected albums'] = '管理所选相册的授权'; 
    187187$lang['Virtual album added'] = '虚拟相册已添加'; 
    216216$lang['leave'] = '留空(默认)'; 
    217217$lang['Lock'] = '上锁'; 
    218 $lang['Locked'] = '锁定'; 
     218$lang['Locked'] = '锁定'; 
    219219$lang['manage album photos'] = '管理相册里的图片'; 
    220220$lang['manage sub-albums'] = '管理子相册'; 
    222222$lang['Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estimated time: %d second].'] = '已超过执行时间, 处理还需时间[估计时间: %d 秒].'; 
    223223$lang['Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estimated time: %d seconds].'] = '已超过执行时间, 处理还需时间[估计时间: %d 秒].'; 
    224 $lang['Prepared time for list of users to send mail is limited. Others users are not listed.'] = '由于发送用户列表的准备时间受限制,其余用户将不被列出.'; 
     224$lang['Prepared time for list of users to send mail is limited. Others users are not listed.'] = '由于准备 将被发送邮件的用户的列表 的时间有限,其余用户未被列出.'; 
    225225$lang['Time to send mail is limited. Others mails are skipped.'] = '发送邮件时间有限,其余邮件被忽略.'; 
    226226$lang['To send ?'] = '发送?'; 
    231231$lang['Go to'] = '转至 '; 
    232232$lang['Hello'] = '您好'; 
    233 $lang['New photos were added'] = '加入一些新图片'; 
     233$lang['New photos were added'] = '新图片已加入'; 
    234234$lang['on'] = '时间: '; 
    235235$lang['between'] = '时间: '; 
    247247$lang['Notification'] = 'RSS订阅'; 
    248248$lang['Error when sending email to %s [%s].'] = '发送邮件给 %s [%s] 时发生了错误.'; 
    249 $lang['Mail sent to %s [%s].'] = '已发送至 %s [%s].'; 
     249$lang['Mail sent to %s [%s].'] = '邮件已发送至 %s [%s].'; 
    250250$lang['%d mail was sent.'] = '%s份邮件已发送.'; 
    251251$lang['%d mails were sent.'] = '%s份邮件已发送.'; 
    256256$lang['Subscribers could be listed (available) only if there is new elements to notify.'] = '只有当有新图片时,才能使用用户邮件通知功能.'; 
    257257$lang['Anyway only webmasters can see this tab and never administrators.'] = '本表单页仅站长可见,管理员不可见。'; 
    258 $lang['No user to send notifications by mail.'] = '没有邮件通知用户.'; 
     258$lang['No user to send notifications by mail.'] = '没有需要邮件通知的用户.'; 
    259259$lang['New photos added'] = '新图片已加入'; 
    260260$lang['Subscribe to notification by mail'] = '注册邮件通知功能'; 
    270270$lang['Subscribed'] = '已注册'; 
    271271$lang['Subscribe'] = '注册'; 
    272 $lang['Parameters'] = '设置参数'; 
     272$lang['Parameters'] = '参数'; 
    273273$lang['Select recipients'] = '选择接受邮件用户'; 
    274274$lang['Subscribe/unsubscribe users'] = '注册/注销用户'; 
    293293$lang['private'] = '私有'; 
    294294$lang['public'] = '公有'; 
    295 $lang['Purge never used notification feeds'] = '清除从没使用过的通知回馈'; 
     295$lang['Purge never used notification feeds'] = '清除从未使用过的RSS订阅'; 
    296296$lang['Purge sessions'] = '清除会话'; 
    297297$lang['randomly represented'] = '随机显示'; 
    332332$lang['width must be a number superior to'] = '图片长度必须超过(整数)'; 
    333333$lang['for the file format'] = '对于文件格式'; 
    334 $lang['Photo unreachable or no support'] = '不支持图片格式或无法显示'; 
     334$lang['Photo unreachable or no support'] = '不支持的图片格式或无法获取'; 
    335335$lang['GD version'] = 'GD版'; 
    336336$lang['General statistics'] = '普通统计'; 
    364364$lang['added'] = '已加入'; 
    365365$lang['deleted'] = '已删除'; 
    366 $lang['Metadata synchronization results'] = '元数据更新结果'; 
     366$lang['Metadata synchronization results'] = '元数据同步结果'; 
    367367$lang['only perform a simulation (no change in database will be made)'] = '只进行模拟操作(不会改变数据库中的任何内容)'; 
    368368$lang['Simulation'] = '模拟'; 
    421421$lang['Guest cannot be deleted'] = '游客不能删除'; 
    422422$lang['Default user cannot be deleted'] = '不能删除默认用户'; 
    423 $lang['Purge history detail'] = '清除历史记录'; 
    424 $lang['Purge history summary'] = '清除历史目录'; 
     423$lang['Purge history detail'] = '清除详细历史记录'; 
     424$lang['Purge history summary'] = '清除历史摘要'; 
    425425$lang['Check integrity'] = '检查完整性'; 
    426426$lang['Anomaly'] = '异常'; 
    441441$lang['%s value is not correct file because exif are not supported'] = '%s 值不正确,因为不支持exif'; 
    442442$lang['%s must be to set to false in your local/config/ file'] = '在配置文件local/config/中,%s必须设置为"false"'; 
    443 $lang['Main "guest" user does not exist'] = '主要"guest"用户不存在'; 
    444 $lang['Main "guest" user status is incorrect'] = '主要"guest"用户状态异常'; 
     443$lang['Main "guest" user does not exist'] = '主"游客"帐户不存在'; 
     444$lang['Main "guest" user status is incorrect'] = '主"游客"帐户状态异常'; 
    445445$lang['Default user does not exist'] = '默认用户不存在'; 
    446 $lang['Main "webmaster" user does not exist'] = '主要网管帐户不再存在'; 
    447 $lang['Main "webmaster" user status is incorrect'] = '主要网管用户状态异常'; 
     446$lang['Main "webmaster" user does not exist'] = '主"站长"帐户不存在'; 
     447$lang['Main "webmaster" user status is incorrect'] = '主"站长"帐户状态异常'; 
    448448$lang['User "%s" created with "%s" like password'] = '用户 "%s" 已创建,密码是"%s"'; 
    449449$lang['Status of user "%s" updated'] = '用户 "%s" 状态已更新'; 
    453453$lang['Classic display'] = '经典显示界面'; 
    454454$lang['Hoverbox display'] = 'Hoverbox显示'; 
    455 $lang['Mail address is obligatory for all users'] = '每个用户必须提供邮箱地址'; 
     455$lang['Mail address is obligatory for all users'] = '所有用户都须提交邮箱地址'; 
    456456$lang['Minimum privacy level'] = '最小隐私等级'; 
    457457$lang['Privacy level'] = '隐私等级'; 
    458458$lang['Level 0'] = '---'; 
    459 $lang['Level 1'] = '联系'; 
     459$lang['Level 1'] = '联系'; 
    460460$lang['Level 2'] = '朋友'; 
    461 $lang['Level 4'] = '亲戚'; 
     461$lang['Level 4'] = '家人'; 
    462462$lang['Level 8'] = '管理员'; 
    463463$lang['Reinitialize check integrity'] = '重新完整性检查'; 
    472472$lang['%d anomaly has been ignored.'] = '%d个异常已被忽略.'; 
    473473$lang['%d anomalies have been ignored.'] = '%d个异常已被忽略.'; 
    474 $lang['Plugins which need upgrade'] = '必须更新插件'; 
     474$lang['Plugins which need upgrade'] = '需要更新的插件'; 
    475475$lang['Plugin list'] = '插件列表'; 
    476476$lang['Check for updates'] = '检查更新'; 
    477 $lang['Other plugins'] = '其他插件'; 
     477$lang['Other plugins'] = '其他可用插件'; 
    478478$lang['Last revisions'] = '最新修订版'; 
    479479$lang['Are you sure you want to install this plugin?'] = '确定要安装此插件?'; 
    480480$lang['Are you sure you want to delete this plugin?'] = '确定要删除此插件?'; 
    481481$lang['Are you sure to install this upgrade? You must verify if this version does not need uninstallation.'] = '确定安装此更新?您必须确定此版本是否无需先进行卸载操作。'; 
    482 $lang['Plugin has been successfully copied'] = '插件复制成功.'; 
     482$lang['Plugin has been successfully copied'] = '插件复制成功'; 
    483483$lang['You might go to plugin list to install and activate it.'] = '在插件列表中安装和启动插件.'; 
    484484$lang['Can\'t create temporary file.'] = '无法创建临时文件.'; 
    514514$lang['Templates configuration has been recorded.'] = '模板设置已保存.'; 
    515515$lang['All optimizations have been successfully completed.'] = '优化成功.'; 
    516 $lang['Optimizations have been completed with some errors.'] = '有些优化发生错误.'; 
     516$lang['Optimizations have been completed with some errors.'] = '优化完成,部分优化发生了错误.'; 
    517517$lang['Modify information'] = '修改信息'; 
    518518$lang['nothing'] = '没有内容'; 
    520520$lang['Manage photo ranks'] = '管理图片排序'; 
    521521$lang['Edit ranks'] = '修改排列顺序'; 
    522 $lang['No photo in this album'] = '没有图片在此相册里'; 
     522$lang['No photo in this album'] = '此相册里没有图片'; 
    523523$lang['Images manual order was saved'] = '图片手动排序已保存'; 
    524524$lang['ranks'] = '顺序'; 
    525525$lang['Drag to re-order'] = '拖放进行排序'; 
    526 $lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = '快速同步'; 
     526$lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = '快速本地同步'; 
    527527$lang['No photo can be deleted'] = '没有图片可以删除'; 
    528528$lang['Delete selected photos'] = '删除选中的图片'; 
    535535$lang['Please wait...'] = '请稍候...'; 
    536536$lang['Keep in touch with Piwigo project, subscribe to Piwigo Announcement Newsletter. You will receive emails when a new release is available (sometimes including a security bug fix, it\'s important to know and upgrade) and when major events happen to the project. Only a few emails a year.'] = '订阅 Piwigo 最新消息,与 Piwigo 项目保持联系。当有新版本发布时,您将会收到邮件通知(有时也包括安全漏洞的修复,因而知晓并进行升级是很重要的),项目里一些重要事情发生时也一样。一年里也只有几封邮件喔。'; 
    537 $lang['Password is missing. Please enter the password.'] = '密码没有输入,请输入密码。'; 
     537$lang['Password is missing. Please enter the password.'] = '密码输入,请输入密码。'; 
    538538$lang['Password confirmation is missing. Please confirm the chosen password.'] = '密码确认未完成,请确认所选定的密码。'; 
    539539$lang['Allow users to edit their own comments'] = '允许用户修改自己的评论'; 
    565565$lang['Privacy level set to "%s"'] = '私有级别设置为 "%s"'; 
    566566$lang['Album "%s" now contains %d photos'] = '相册 "%s" 现已包含了 %d 张图片'; 
    567 $lang['Manage this set of %d photos'] = '管理此设置的 %d 张照片 '; 
     567$lang['Manage this set of %d photos'] = '管理本套 %d 张照片 '; 
    568568$lang['Select files'] = '选择文件'; 
    569569$lang['Everybody'] = '每个人'; 
    648648$lang['Subscribe %s'] = '订阅%s'; 
    649649$lang['Subscribe %s to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = '订阅%s Piwigo中国最新消息公告'; 
    650 $lang['Purge search history'] = '清除查寻历史记录'; 
     650$lang['Purge search history'] = '清除搜索的历史记录'; 
    651651$lang['Hide'] = '隐藏'; 
    652 $lang['Order of menubar items has been updated successfully.'] = '所有项目已被更新.'; 
     652$lang['Order of menubar items has been updated successfully.'] = '菜单项目排列顺序已更新成功.'; 
    653653$lang['This theme was not designed to be directly activated'] = '此主题并未设计为直接激活'; 
    654654$lang['Who can see this photo?'] = '查看权限'; 
    655 $lang['Pending Comments'] = '审核评论'; 
     655$lang['Pending Comments'] = '待审核的评论'; 
    656656$lang['Menu Management'] = '菜单'; 
    657657$lang['In your php.ini file, the upload_max_filesize (%sB) is bigger than post_max_size (%sB), you should change this setting'] = '在您的 php.ini 文件,upload_max_filesize (%sB) 大于 post_max_size (%sB),您需要修改此设置'; 
    662662$lang['The uploaded file was only partially uploaded'] = '上传文件只上传了一部分'; 
    663663$lang['No file was uploaded'] = '没有文件被上传'; 
    664 $lang['Missing a temporary folder'] = '缺少临时文件目录'; 
     664$lang['Missing a temporary folder'] = '缺少临时文件'; 
    665665$lang['Failed to write file to disk'] = '文件写入失败'; 
    666666$lang['File upload stopped by extension'] = '文件上传被扩展中止'; 
    683683$lang['manual order'] = '手工排序'; 
    684684$lang['No photo in the current set.'] = '当前集合没有图片.'; 
    685 $lang['No photo selected, %d photos in current set'] = '没有选择图片, 当前集合有 %d 张图片'; 
    686 $lang['No photo selected, no action possible.'] = '没有选择图片,不会执行任何动作.'; 
     685$lang['No photo selected, %d photos in current set'] = '没有图片被选中,当前集合有 %d 张图片'; 
     686$lang['No photo selected, no action possible.'] = '没有图片被选中,不能执行任何操作.'; 
    687687$lang['on the %d selected photos'] = '在 %d 张已选图片上'; 
    688 $lang['Orphan tags deleted'] = '无关联标签已被删除'; 
     688$lang['Orphan tags deleted'] = '无关联图片的标签已被删除'; 
    689689$lang['Refresh photo set'] = '刷新图片集'; 
    690690$lang['Remove all filters'] = '删除所有过滤器'; 
    718 $lang['Obsolete Plugins'] = '过期插件'; 
     718$lang['Obsolete Plugins'] = '过期插件'; 
    719719$lang['WARNING! This plugin does not seem to be compatible with this version of Piwigo.'] = '警告,此插件并不适用于这个版本的Piwigo。'; 
    720720$lang['Do you want to activate anyway?'] = '您仍想启用吗?'; 
    748748$lang['ERROR'] = '错误'; 
    749749$lang['Update Complete'] = '更新完毕'; 
    750 $lang['Piwigo Update'] = 'Piwigo 更新'; 
     750$lang['Piwigo Update'] = 'Piwigo更新'; 
    751751$lang['Extensions Update'] = '扩展更新'; 
    752752$lang['All extensions are up to date.'] = '所有扩展已更新.'; 
    778778$lang['You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the <a href="%s">Browser uploader</a> instead.'] = '您在使用Flash上传工具,出问题了?请尝试<a href="%s">网页上传</a>。'; 
    779779$lang['You are using the Browser uploader. Try the <a href="%s">Flash uploader</a> instead.'] = '您在使用网页上传方式,出问题了?请尝试<a href="%s">Flash上传工具</a>。'; 
    780 $lang['Maximum file size: %sB.'] = '文件最大尺寸: %sB.'; 
     780$lang['Maximum file size: %sB.'] = '文件最大体积: %sB.'; 
    781781$lang['Allowed file types: %s.'] = '允许的文件类型: %s.'; 
    782782$lang['Approximate maximum resolution: %dM pixels (that\'s %dx%d pixels).'] = '最大的分辨率约: %dM 像素 (即 %dx%d 像素).'; 
    783 $lang['Manage Permissions'] = '管理查看权限'; 
     783$lang['Manage Permissions'] = '管理权限'; 
    784784$lang['Learn more'] = '了解更多'; 
    785 $lang['Photo %s of %s'] = ' %s中的%s图片'; 
     785$lang['Photo %s of %s'] = '图片%s位于%s中'; 
    786786$lang['show details'] = '显示详情'; 
    787787$lang['hide details'] = '隐藏详情'; 
    790790$lang['(this tag will be deleted)'] = '(此标签将被删除)'; 
    791791$lang['Confirm merge'] = '确认合并'; 
    792 $lang['Merge selected tags'] = '合并已选择的标签'; 
     792$lang['Merge selected tags'] = '合并选中的标签'; 
    793793$lang['No destination tag selected'] = '没有选中的目的标签'; 
    794794$lang['Tags <em>%s</em> merged into tag <em>%s</em>'] = '标签<em>%s</em>与标签 <em>%s</em>已合并'; 
    799799$lang['An error has occured during upgrade.'] = '在升级过程中出现了一个错误.'; 
    800800$lang['An error has occured during extract. Please check files permissions of your piwigo installation.<br><a href="%s">Click here to show log error</a>.'] = '在解压程序时出现了一个错误。请检查您 piwigo 安装文件的读写权限.<br><a href="%s">点此查看错误日志</a>.'; 
    801 $lang['Piwigo cannot retrieve upgrade file from server'] = 'Piwigo 不能从服务器中获取升级文件'; 
     801$lang['Piwigo cannot retrieve upgrade file from server'] = 'Piwigo无法从服务器中获取升级文件'; 
    802802$lang['%s has been successfully updated.'] = '成功更新了%s'; 
    803803$lang['Activate comments'] = '启用评论'; 
    806806$lang['Default comments order'] = '默认评论顺序'; 
    807807$lang['Last import'] = '最后导入'; 
    808 $lang['Original Size'] = '大小'; 
     808$lang['Original Size'] = '原始大小'; 
    809809$lang['Photo name'] = '图片名称'; 
    810810$lang['Predefined filter'] = '预定义过滤器'; 
    825825$lang['Move to album'] = '移动到相册'; 
    826826$lang['Not cropped correctly?'] = '剪裁不正确?'; 
    827 $lang['Notify administrators when a comment is'] = '需要通知管理员的评论'; 
     827$lang['Notify administrators when a comment is'] = '通知管理员,当一个评论'; 
    828828$lang['pending validation'] = '待验证'; 
    829829$lang['registered users'] = '注册用户'; 
    865865$lang['Permission granted for groups'] = '为组授予的权限'; 
    866866$lang['Permission granted for users'] = '为用户授予的权限'; 
    867 $lang['Piwigo export plugin for Aperture'] = 'Piwigo Aperture导出插件'; 
    868 $lang['Piwigo export plugin for iPhoto'] = 'Piwigo iPhoto导出插件'; 
    869 $lang['Piwigo publish plugin for digiKam'] = 'Piwigo digiKam发布插件'; 
    870 $lang['Piwigo Publish plugin for Lightroom'] = 'Piwigo Lightroom发布插件'; 
    871 $lang['Piwigo publish plugin for Shotwell'] = 'Piwigo Shotwell发布插件'; 
     867$lang['Piwigo export plugin for Aperture'] = 'PiwigoAperture导出插件'; 
     868$lang['Piwigo export plugin for iPhoto'] = 'PiwigoiPhoto导出插件'; 
     869$lang['Piwigo publish plugin for digiKam'] = 'PiwigodigiKam发布插件'; 
     870$lang['Piwigo Publish plugin for Lightroom'] = 'PiwigoLightroom发布插件'; 
     871$lang['Piwigo publish plugin for Shotwell'] = 'PiwigoShotwell发布插件'; 
    872872$lang['ReGalAndroid (RemoteGallery client for Android) is an open source (GPL v3) Piwigo client for the Android platform.'] = 'ReGalAndroid(Android RemoteGallery客户端)是一个开源(GPL V3)的Piwigo Android平台客户端。'; 
    873873$lang['Select groups...'] = '选择组'; 
    883883$lang['By default, the center of interest is placed in the middle of the photo.'] = '默认情况下,兴趣中心置于图片的中心。'; 
    884884$lang['For photo sizes with crop, such as "Square", Piwigo will do its best to include the center of interest.'] = '对于剪裁照片大小,如“正方形”,Piwigo将竭尽所能的包括兴趣中心。'; 
    885 $lang['No group is permitted to see this private album'] = '没有可以访问这个私有相册的权限组'; 
     885$lang['No group is permitted to see this private album'] = '没有组被允许查看这个私有相册'; 
    886886$lang['Opacity'] = '不透明'; 
    887887$lang['Permission management'] = '权限管理'; 
    916916$lang['%s in the future'] = '%s之后'; 
    917917$lang['Added by %s'] = '由%s添加'; 
    918 $lang['Numeric identifier : %d'] = '数字ID: %d'; 
     918$lang['Numeric identifier : %d'] = '数字ID%d'; 
    919919$lang['Original file : %s'] = '原文件:%s'; 
    920920$lang['Posted %s on %s'] = '发布 %s到 %s'; 
    929929$lang['No order field selected'] = '未选择排序字段'; 
    930930$lang['Duplicate selected tags'] = '复制选中的标签'; 
    931 $lang['Name of the duplicate'] = '重复的名称'; 
     931$lang['Name of the duplicate'] = '副本的名称'; 
    932932$lang['Source tag'] = '源标签'; 
    933933$lang['Tag "%s" is now a duplicate of "%s"'] = '标签 "%s" 已是 "%s" 的复制版本'; 
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