Changeset 18483

10/05/12 21:21:02 (7 years ago)

Build tag 2.41.0 from branch 2.41 - This build is to test the upgrade process and will be released in PEM if all is OK:

  • Bug 2744 fixed - User connexion rejection does not work if no group/status/privacy is set
  • Bug 2749 fixed - regex meta-characters are usable in character exclusion in usernames
  • New unvalidated user controls are more efficient
  • Get admins emails instead of webmaster's for sending validation email
  • rejected.php, ConfirmMail.php, GT_del_account.php and USR_del_account.php (and associated templates)are no more used. All messages are displayed on Piwigo's main page
  • New simplifed administration panel (thx to flop25 !)
  • Update es_ES, thanks to : jpr928
  • Update el_GR, thanks to : bas_alba
  • Update lv_LV, thanks to : agrisans
  • Update de_DE, thanks to : Yogie
  • Update it_IT, thanks to : salvatore
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