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Simplify yes/no settings (use checkboxes instead of radio buttons)

Localisation (EN/FR for now)

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  • extensions/AntiAspi/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r31372 r31954  
    33$lang['AntiAspi'] = 'AntiAspi'; 
    4 $lang['IP ban'] = 'IP ban'; 
    5 $lang['IP ban deleted'] = 'IP ban deleted'; 
    6 $lang['List IP banned'] = 'List IP banned'; 
    7 $lang['Action IP banned'] = 'Action IP banned'; 
    8 $lang['IP banned if'] = 'IP banned if'; 
    9 $lang['different pages viewed in'] = 'different pages viewed in'; 
    10 $lang['IP banned if same'] = 'IP banned if same'; 
    11 $lang['different pages viewed in <span></span> seconds'] = 'different pages viewed in <span></span> seconds'; 
     4$lang['IP banned if '] = 'IP banned if '; 
     5$lang[' different pages viewed in'] = ' different pages viewed in'; 
     6$lang['IP banned if same page viewed '] = 'IP banned if same page viewed '; 
     7$lang[' times viewed in <span></span> seconds'] = ' times viewed in <span></span> seconds'; 
    128$lang['only guest'] = 'only guest'; 
    139$lang['If yes, don\'t ban registered users'] = 'If yes, don\'t ban registered users'; 
    1410$lang['only picture'] = 'only picture'; 
    1511$lang['If yes, apply antiaspi only on picture page'] = 'If yes, apply antiaspi only on picture page'; 
    16 $lang['Add IP allowed'] = 'Add IP allowed'; 
    17 $lang['IP'] = 'IP'; 
    1812$lang['IP already allowed'] = 'IP already allowed'; 
     14$lang['IP addresses'] = 'IP addresses'; 
     15$lang['Banned IP addresses'] = 'Banned IP addresses'; 
     16$lang['Delete all'] = 'Delete all'; 
     17$lang['Delete deprecated only'] = 'Delete deprecated only'; 
     18$lang['status-active'] = 'active'; 
     19$lang['status-deprecated'] = 'deprecated'; 
     20$lang['Whitelist (allowed ip addresses)'] = 'Whitelist (allowed ip addresses)'; 
     21$lang['Add allowed IP'] = 'Add allowed IP'; 
     22$lang['Add IP'] = 'Add IP'; 
  • extensions/AntiAspi/language/fr_FR/plugin.lang.php

    r31366 r31954  
    2121// | USA.                                                                  | 
    2222// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ 
    23 $lang['Add IP ban'] = 'Ajouter une IP à bannir'; 
    2424$lang['AntiAspi'] = 'AntiAspi'; 
    25 $lang['IP ban'] = 'IP banni'; 
    26 $lang['IP banned'] = 'Ip banni'; 
    27 $lang['IP banned edit'] = 'Édition de IP banni '; 
    28 $lang['IP ban deleted'] = 'IP banni supprimé'; 
    29 $lang['Ip ban insert'] = 'IP banni inséré '; 
    30 $lang['Ip ban update'] = 'IP banni mise à jour'; 
    31 $lang['List IP banned'] = 'Liste des IP banni'; 
     25$lang['IP banned if '] = 'Bannir adresse IP si '; 
     26$lang[' different pages viewed in'] = 'pages vues différentes en '; 
     27$lang['IP banned if same page viewed '] = 'Bannir adresse IP si même page vue '; 
     28$lang[' times viewed in <span></span> seconds'] = ' fois en <span></span> secondes'; 
     29$lang['only guest'] = 'invités uniquement'; 
     30$lang['If yes, don\'t ban registered users'] = 'Si oui, ne pas bannir les utilisateurs identifiés'; 
     31$lang['only picture'] = 'uniquement page de la photo'; 
     32$lang['If yes, apply antiaspi only on picture page'] = 'Si oui, AntiAspi ne s\'applique que sur la page de la photo'; 
     33$lang['IP already allowed'] = 'addresse IP déjà autorisée'; 
     35$lang['IP addresses'] = 'adresses IP'; 
     36$lang['Banned IP addresses'] = 'Adresses IP bannies'; 
     37$lang['Delete all'] = 'Supprimer tout'; 
     38$lang['Delete deprecated only'] = 'Supprimer uniquement les obsolètes'; 
     39$lang['status-active'] = 'actif'; 
     40$lang['status-deprecated'] = 'obsolète'; 
     41$lang['Whitelist (allowed ip addresses)'] = 'Liste blanche (adresses IP autorisées)'; 
     42$lang['Add allowed IP'] = 'Ajouter une adresse IP autorisée'; 
     43$lang['Add IP'] = 'Ajouter IP'; 
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