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revision before : add light group gestion and the hightlight
now add help for group
ready to publish the new version

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  • extensions/music_player/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r3329 r3502  
    2121$lang['mp_help_q6'] = "It's possible to add podcats ?"; 
    2222$lang['mp_help_q7'] = "I can't find answers here / I have some problemes"; 
     23$lang['mp_help_q7'] = "New : you can restric the acces of the player"; 
    2425$lang['mp_help_div1'] = "Mp3 must be put into Music folder of the plugin like this \"[PWG folder]/plugins/music_player/music/[new playlist]/\". You should make your playlists order by artist (music/moby/go.pm3), or put artist's mane directly into file name (music/electro/moby-go.pm3)"; 
    3839$lang['mp_help_div5'] = "Yes : For this go into the playlist of your choice and, on step two, add your file. Be careful : Even if mp3 is on the same server that this plugin, you need to write complete ardress with http://"; 
    3940$lang['mp_help_div6'] = "Yes : Since 1.3 a block for podcast and distant playlist have been added. Be careful  : playlist must be in Atom, Xspf (use by the plugin), or RSS format. (podcast are always RSS)"; 
    40 $lang['mp_help_div7'] = 'You can find support for the plugins here : <a href=""> … t;/a>'; 
     41$lang['mp_help_div7'] = 'You can find support for the plugins here : <a href="">>'; 
     42$lang['mp_help_div8'] = "New : you can restric the acces of the player. Indeed, if you create the group 'music_group', only the members of this group will be able to listen to the music. If it doesn't exist (the case on default),  everyone can acces to the player"; 
    4245$lang['mp_admin_leg'] = 'Playlist manager'; 
    135138$lang['mp_info_min']="[ The thumbnail is optional. ]"; 
     140$lang['mp_text_no_autorisation']="You are not allowed to listen music ! Please contact the webmaster to know why, and maybe to be allow"; 
  • extensions/music_player/language/fr_FR/plugin.lang.php

    r3501 r3502  
    2020$lang['mp_help_q6'] = "Peut-on ajouter des podcats ou une playlist distante ?"; 
    2121$lang['mp_help_q7'] = "Je ne trouve pas de réponses ici / J'ai un très gros problème"; 
     22$lang['mp_help_q8'] = "Nouveau : vous pouvez restreindre les droits d'écoute"; 
    2324$lang['mp_help_div1'] = "Les mp3 doivent être mis dans le dossier music du plugin de cette façon \"[le dossier de pwg]/plugins/music_player/music/[nouvelle playlist]/\". Il est conseillé de faire des playlist par artiste (music/moby/go.pm3), ou sinon mettre le nom de l'artiste dans le nom du fichier mp3 (music/electro/moby-go.pm3)"; 
    3839$lang['mp_help_div6'] = "Oui : depuis la 1.3 un block pour podcast et playlist distante a été ajouté. Attention : la playlist doit être au format Atom, Xspf (utilisé par le plugin), ou RSS. (Les podcast sont tous des RSS)"; 
    3940$lang['mp_help_div7'] = 'Le support du plugin s\'effectue ici : <a href=""></a>'; 
     41$lang['mp_help_div8'] = "Nouveau : vous pouvez restreindre les droits d'écoute. En effet, si vous créer le groupe 'music_group', seul les utilisateurs appartenant à ce groupe pourront lire la musique. S'il n'est pas créé (cas par défaut), tout le monde peut accéder au lecteur"; 
    4143$lang['mp_admin_leg'] = 'Gestion des playlist'; 
  • extensions/music_player/template/help.tpl

    r3329 r3502  
    1515    <li><a href="#q6">{'mp_help_q6'|@translate}</a></li> 
    1616    <li><a href="#q7">{'mp_help_q7'|@translate}</a></li> 
     17    <li><a href="#q">{'mp_help_q8'|@translate}</a></li> 
    1718   </ul> 
    1819  </dd> 
    3334<div id="q7" class="help"><p><strong>{'mp_help_q7'|@translate}</strong><br />{'mp_help_div7'|@translate}</p> 
     36<div id="q8" class="help"><p><strong>{'mp_help_q8'|@translate}</strong><br />{'mp_help_div8'|@translate}</p> 
    3538<p><a href="admin.php?page=plugin&amp;section=music_player/admin/admin.php">{'mp_adm_return'|@translate}</a></p> 
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