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    1 === Plugin Name === 
     1=== Public Piwigo WordPress Widget === 
    22Contributors: VDigital 
    33Donate link: 
    1111== Description == 
    13 Ongoing 
     13Public Piwigo WordPress Widget (PW^2) is a WordPress 2.8 widget, it links public pictures in your Piwigo gallery (Piwigo).  
     14In other words, it's a WordPress Sidebar Widget with some available public pictures in your Piwigo gallery as a prereq. 
     16If you don't have a Piwigo Gallery already, you can try this plugin based on the Official Piwigo demo: 
     18Once convinced, you go to the Piwigo download page 
     19(All links on this page are what you could need). 
     21Try NetInstall if it fails switch to the package download and follow the full install procedure. 
     22Try pLoader but in all case, in your Piwigo gallery administration pages, you will find the Instructions link. 
     24Once your gallery online, PW^2 will offer to your blog in its sidebars: 
     25- Random public thumbnails with a link to the related picture (medium size) in your gallery, 
     26- Menu to all public categories of pictures, 
     27- Several links to recent, most viewed, most commented pictures and more. 
     29All of these are PW^2 options. 
     32== Installation == 
     34How to install PW^2 and get it working. 
     361. Upload `Public_Piwigo_WordPress_Widget` complete folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory 
     372. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress 
     383. Access to Widgets, draw PW^2 to the sidebar you want 
     40Explanation of Plugin data fields. 
     42Title: To use in the sidebar 
     43Get thumbnails: Embed thumbnails or ignore (Another option will come later) 
     44Local directory (if local): Piwigo installation directory (on the same website) 
     45(or) External gallery URL: URL to the gallery (if not local) 
     46Number of pictures (0=none): Number of thumbnails to get 
     48Optional parameters 
     49Category id (0=all): Pictures from a specific Piwigo category or from all 
     50Since X months (0=all): Age of posted picture 
     51CSS DIV class: For your blog design 
     52CSS IMG class: For your blog design 
     53Categories menu: Includes all links related to Piwigo categories 
     55All below selectable option are special Piwigo links to include: 
     56Most visited - Best rated - Most commented - Random 
     57Recent pics - Calendar - Keywords - Comments  
     59== Frequently Asked Questions == 
     61Currently, none. 
     63= A question that someone might have = 
     65Anwsers will come later. 
     67== Screenshots == 
     691. Sshot_result.png in your sidebar 
     702. Sshot_demo.png Widget parameters for the demo gallery 
     713. Sshot_local.png Widget parameters for your local gallery 
     73== Changelog == 
     75= 1.0 = 
     76* First version. 
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