01/09/10 20:35:36 (10 years ago)

feature 1374: removed the "/* TODO */" in language files, the script to detect
missing translations will come in a distinct commit.

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  • branches/2.0/language/nl_NL/admin.lang.php

    r4016 r4636  
    560560$lang['c13y_submit_refresh'] = 'Ververs'; 
    561561$lang['c13y_ignore_msg1'] = 'De anomalie worden genegeerd totdat de volgende versie'; 
    562 /* TODO */ $lang['c13y_ignore_msg2'] = 'Correction the anomaly will cancel the fact that it\'s ignored'; 
    563562$lang['c13y_anomaly_ignored_count'] = '%d anomalie is genegeerd.'; 
    564563$lang['c13y_anomalies_ignored_count'] = '%d anomalieen zijn genegeerd.'; 
    630629$lang['nothing'] = 'niets'; 
    631630$lang['overrides existing values with empty ones'] = 'overschrijft de bestaande waarden met lege waardes'; 
    632 /*TODO*/$lang['manage image ranks'] = 'manage image ranks'; 
    633 /*TODO*/$lang['Manage image ranks'] = 'Manage image ranks'; 
    634 /*TODO*/$lang['Edit ranks'] = 'Edit ranks'; 
    635 /*TODO*/$lang['No element in this category'] = 'No element in this category'; 
    636 /*TODO*/$lang['Images manual order was saved'] = 'Images manual order was saved'; 
    637 /*TODO*/$lang['ranks'] = 'ranks'; 
    638631$lang['Drag to re-order'] = 'sleep om te herschikken'; 
    639632$lang['Unable to retrieve server informations since allow_url_fopen is disabled.'] = 'Kan geen server verkrijgen omdat allow_url_fopen is uitgeschakeld.'; 
    649642$lang['Number of downloads'] = 'Aantal downloads'; 
    650643// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from Colibri 
    651 /*TODO*/$lang['Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'; 
    652 /*TODO*/$lang['Subscribe to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Keep in touch with Piwigo project, subscribe to Piwigo Announcement Newsletter. You will receive emails when a new release is available (sometimes including a security bug fix, it\'s important to know and upgrade) and when major events happen to the project. Only a few emails a year.'; 
    653 /*TODO*/$lang['Subscribe %s'] = 'Subscribe %s'; 
    654 /*TODO*/$lang['Subscribe %s to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Subscribe %s to Piwigo English Announcements Newsletter'; 
    655 /*TODO*/$lang['Purge search history'] = 'Purge search history'; 
    656 /*TODO*/$lang['Hide'] = 'Hide'; 
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