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  • extensions/NBC_UserAdvManager/branches/2.14/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r5065 r5087  
    9595$lang['GT_Reset'] = 'Reset Ghost Tracker'; 
    9696// --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.12.2 
    99 // --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.12.7 
    100 /* Errors and Warnings */ 
    101 $lang['mail_text_error'] = '<b>Warning!</b> - Semicolons (;) are not allowed in addtionnal email text. This Character have been automatically replaced by a dot (.). For information, the amended text(s) is(are) shown in red in the corresponding field(s). Please, check it(them) out.'; 
    102 // --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.12.7 
    182176$lang['UAM_Tips1'] = 'Registrations with email validation and warning message on the Piwigo\'s homepage'; 
    183 $lang['UAM_Tips1_txt'] = ' 
    184           <ul> 
    185             <li> 
    186 Ingredients needed:<br> 
    187 - 2 Piwigo\'s user groups at least: &quot;Waiting&quot; for visitors awaiting validation and &quot;Validated&quot; for visitors who have validated their registration<br> 
    188 - NBC_UAM plugin<br> 
    189 - PWG Stuffs plugin<br> 
    190 - Possibly Extended Description plugin (to support multi-lingual) 
    191             </li> 
    192 <br><br> 
    193             <li> 
    194 La recette :<br> 
    195             <ul> 
    196               <li> 
    197 Preamble: It\'s located in the case of a private gallery or semi-private (ie only a small part of categories is available by Guests and registered can see everything). We consider that the required plugins are installed (does it remind you?).<br><br> 
    198               </li> 
    199               <li> 
    200 Attribute group &quot;Waiting&quot; no permission on private categories<br><br> 
    201               </li> 
    202               <li> 
    203 Attribute group &quot;Validated&quot; all permissions on the private categories<br><br> 
    204               </li> 
    205               <li> 
    206 In NBC_UAM plugin: 
    207               <ol> 
    208                 <li>Enable registration confirmation</li> 
    209                 <li>In the field below &quot;Customizing the confirmation email&quot;, enter text for additional explanation will be attached to email registration confirmation. Possibly, it is possible to use markup language implemented by the plugin Extended Description</li> 
    210                 <li>In the &quot;Group for users who have not validated their registration&quot;, select group &quot;Waiting&quot;</li> 
    211                 <li>In the &quot;Group for users who have validated their registration&quot;, select group &quot;Validated&quot;</li> 
    212                 <li>Save the plugin configuration</li> 
    213               </ol> 
    214               </li> 
    215 <br><br> 
    216               <li> 
    217 In PWG Stuff plugin: 
    218               <ol> 
    219                 <li>Add a new module personal block like an edito</li> 
    220                 <li>In the module\'s configuration, in addition to its title (eg &quot;Registration pending validation&quot;) and its description, check only the authorized group &quot;Waiting&quot;</li> 
    221                 <li>In the content module, enter the message text which sought information will be visible as invalid user. Again, ability to manage multi-language through Extended Description\'s tags</li> 
    222                 <li>Validate module</li> 
    223                 <li>Define its place on the main page of the gallery</li> 
    224               </ol> 
    225               </li> 
    226             </ul> 
    227             </li> 
    228 <br><br> 
    229             <li> 
    230               The result:<br> 
    231               - A "Guest" arrives on the gallery, he sees nothing other than the public categories and no information message.<br> 
    232               - He registers. This generates an email validation and automatic membership to the group &quot;Waiting&quot;.<br> 
    233               - At the end, he\'s redirected to the gallery homepage and a message indicating the waiting of validate its registration<br><br> 
    234               He received his email validation, following the link provided for that purpose in the mail, releases the group &quot;Waiting&quot; and takes place in the group &quot;Validated&quot;. By clicking the &quot;Home&quot;, then he\'s connected to the gallery with full access to private groups and without the information message. 
    235             </li> 
    236           </ul>'; 
    238178$lang['Tab_UserManager'] = 'Tracking validations'; 
    269209$lang['UAM_Admin_ConfMail_true'] = ' Enable'; 
    270210$lang['UAM_Admin_ConfMail_false'] = ' Disable (default)'; 
     211$lang['UAM_Tips1_txt'] = ' 
     212          <ul> 
     213            <li> 
     214            Goals:<br> 
     215            - On his arrival at the gallery: To inform the visitor that he has to register to access private photos<br> 
     216            - At registration: Generate an email validation with direct link, inform the new user of its non-validation and integrate him to the group "Waiting"<br> 
     217            - At validation: Switch automatically group "Waiting" to group "Validated", which provides access to private categories<br><br> 
     218            <span style="font-style:italic">Recall: In standard operation, the "Guest" only sees the public categories, without information message.</span> 
     219            </li><br><br> 
     220            <li> 
     222- A gallery with all or some private categories, visible only by registered users<br> 
     223- At least 2 following Piwigo\'s users groups: "Waiting," without permission on private categories, and "Validated" with all the permissions on the private categories<br> 
     224- NBC_UAM plugin<br> 
     225- PWG Stuffs plugin, for adding a module type "Personal Block"<br> 
     226- Optionally, the plugin Extended Description to support multi-languages<br> 
     227            </li><br><br> 
     228              <li> 
     230A. In plugin NBC_UAM: 
     231              <ol> 
     232                <li>Enable registration confirmation</li> 
     233                <li>Enter text for additional explanation which will be attached to mail registration confirmation. If the plugin Extended Description is activated, the language tags can be used</li> 
     234                <li>Select the "Waiting" group under "For users who have not validated their registration"</li> 
     235                <li>Select the "Validated" group under "For users who have validated their registration"</li> 
     236                <li>Save the plugin configuration</li> 
     237              </ol> 
     238              </li><br> 
     239B. In plugin PWG Stuffs : 
     240              <ol> 
     241                <li>Add a new module type "Personal block: Shows a block staff (eg an editorial)"</li> 
     242                <li>Configure the module, indicating the title (eg "Registration pending validation") and its description, and only check "Waiting" in the list of groups allowed</li> 
     243                <li>Complete content of the module with the message information to be displayed to users not validated. As NBC_UAM, languages markup may be used if the plugin is enabled Extended Description</li> 
     244                <li>Check "Display the module on the homepage of the site"</li> 
     245                <li>Validate the configuration of the module</li> 
     246              </ol> 
     247          </ul>'; 
    271248// --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.14.0 
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