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03/28/10 22:29:55 (10 years ago)

feature 1502: In template extensions admin page, change "Bound template" by "Bound theme".
Template extensions are now attached to all themes if nothing is selected in "bound theme" column.

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  • trunk/admin/themes/default/template/extend_for_templates.tpl

    r5123 r5434  
    99      <th>{'Original templates'|@translate}</th> 
    1010      <th>{'Optional URL keyword'|@translate}</th> 
    11       <th>{'Bound template'|@translate}</th> 
     11      <th>{'Bound Theme'|@translate}</th> 
    1212    </tr> 
    1313    {foreach from=$extents item=tpl name=extent_loop} 
  • trunk/include/template.class.php

    r5208 r5434  
    225225      if ((stripos(implode('',array_keys($_GET)), '/'.$param) !== false or $param == 'N/A') 
    226         and ($thm == $theme) 
     226        and ($thm == $theme or $thm == 'N/A') 
    227227        and (!isset($this->extents[$handle]) or $overwrite) 
    228228        and file_exists($dir . $filename)) 
  • trunk/language/ar_SA/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    640640$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = ' صورة محذوفة %d'; 
    641641$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = ' صور محذوفة %d'; 
    642 $lang['Bound template'] = 'قالب محدد'; 
    643642$lang['Downloads'] = 'تنزيل'; 
    644643$lang['Released on'] = 'Released on تمكين استخدام'; 
  • trunk/language/cs_CZ/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    638638$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d fotografie vymazána'; 
    639639$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d fotografií vymazáno'; 
    640 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Hraniční šablona'; 
    641640$lang['Downloads'] = 'Staženo'; 
    642641$lang['Released on'] = 'Vydáno'; 
  • trunk/language/de_DE/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    638638$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d Foto wurde gelöscht'; 
    639639$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d Fotos wurden gelöscht'; 
    640 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Verbundenes Template'; 
    641640$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    642641$lang['Released on'] = 'Veröffentlicht am'; 
  • trunk/language/en_UK/admin.lang.php

    r5408 r5434  
    641641$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = "%d photo deleted"; 
    642642$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = "%d photos deleted"; 
    643 $lang['Bound template'] = "Template attached"; 
    644643$lang['Downloads'] = "Downloads"; 
    645644$lang['Released on'] = "Released on"; 
    761760$lang['Impossible to deactivate this theme, you need at least one theme.'] = 'Impossible to deactivate this theme, you need at least one theme.'; 
    762761$lang['Webmaster status is required.'] = 'Webmaster status is required.'; 
     762$lang['Bound Theme'] = 'Bound Theme'; 
  • trunk/language/es_ES/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    635635$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d foto ha sido suprimida'; 
    636636$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d fotos han sido suprimidas'; 
    637 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Template relacionado '; 
    638637$lang['Downloads'] = 'Descargar'; 
    639638$lang['Released on'] = 'Añadido'; 
  • trunk/language/fr_FR/admin.lang.php

    r5408 r5434  
    641641$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = "%d photo a été supprimée"; 
    642642$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = "%d photos ont été supprimées"; 
    643 $lang['Bound template'] = "Template rattaché"; 
    644643$lang['Downloads'] = "Téléchargements"; 
    645644$lang['Released on'] = "Publié le"; 
    764763$lang['Impossible to deactivate this theme, you need at least one theme.'] = 'Impossible de désactiver ce thème, il doit rester au moins un thème activé.'; 
    765764$lang['Webmaster status is required.'] = 'Vous devez avoir le status de "webmaster".'; 
     765$lang['Bound Theme'] = 'Thème rattaché'; 
  • trunk/language/hr_HR/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    639639$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d slika je izbrisana'; 
    640640$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d slike su izbrisane'; 
    641 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Poveži predložak'; 
    642641$lang['Downloads'] = 'Preuzimanja'; 
    643642$lang['Released on'] = 'Objavljeno dana'; 
  • trunk/language/hu_HU/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    639639$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d kép törölve'; 
    640640$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d kép törölve'; 
    641 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Rögzített sablonok'; 
    642641$lang['Downloads'] = 'Letöltés'; 
    643642$lang['Released on'] = 'Released on'; 
  • trunk/language/it_IT/admin.lang.php

    r5422 r5434  
    641641$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d foto cancellata'; 
    642642$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d foto cancellate'; 
    643 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Template legato'; 
    644643$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    645644$lang['Released on'] = 'Aggiunto il'; 
  • trunk/language/ja_JP/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    644644$lang['Processing treatment.'] = '処理中'; 
    645645$lang['Please wait...'] = 'しばらくお待ち下さい...'; 
    646 $lang['Bound template'] = 'バインドしたテンプレート'; 
    647646$lang['Downloads'] = 'ダウンロード'; 
    648647$lang['Released on'] = '発行'; 
  • trunk/language/nl_NL/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    629629$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d foto is verwijderd'; 
    630630$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d foto\'s zijn verwijderd'; 
    631 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Gebonden sjabloon'; 
    632631$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    633632$lang['Released on'] = 'Uitgegeven op'; 
  • trunk/language/pl_PL/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    639639$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d zdjęcie zostało usunięte'; 
    640640$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d zdjęć zostało usuniętych'; 
    641 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Przypisz Szablon'; 
    642641$lang['Downloads'] = 'Pobrania'; 
    643642$lang['Released on'] = 'Opublikowano'; 
  • trunk/language/pt_BR/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    638638$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d foto foi apagada'; 
    639639$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d fotos foram apagadas'; 
    640 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Restringir modelo'; 
    641640$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    642641$lang['Released on'] = 'Lançado em'; 
  • trunk/language/templates/admin.lang.php

    r5307 r5434  
    643643$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d photo was deleted'; 
    644644$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d photos were deleted'; 
    645 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Bound template'; 
    646645$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    647646$lang['Released on'] = 'Released on'; 
  • trunk/language/vi_VN/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    638638$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d hình đã được xóa'; 
    639639$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = 'Có %d hình đã được xóa'; 
    640 $lang['Bound template'] = 'Template biên'; 
    641640$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads'; 
    642641$lang['Released on'] = 'Phát hành vào'; 
  • trunk/language/zh_CN/admin.lang.php

    r5430 r5434  
    638638$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d 图片被删除'; 
    639639$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d 图片被删除'; 
    640 $lang['Bound template'] = '模板绑定'; 
    641640$lang['Downloads'] = '下载'; 
    642641$lang['Released on'] = '发布于'; 
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