Changeset 801 for trunk/feed.php

07/16/05 16:29:35 (14 years ago)
  • new feature : RSS notification feed. Feed generator is an external tool (FeedCreator class v1.7.2). New file feed.php
  • new database field : comments.validation_date (datetime). This field is required for notification feed.
  • new database field : users.feed_id (varchar(50)). users.feed_id is an alias of but is much more complicated to find (50 characters, figures or letters, case sensitive) : the purpose is to keep it secret (as far as possible).
  • new database field : users.last_feed_check (datetime)
  • new database field : users.registration_date (datetime)
  • bug fixed : no need to add the (unavailable) session id to install.php in the installation form.
  • modified database field : images.date_available become more precise (date to datetime). This precision is needed for notification feed.
  • new index : comments_i1 (validation_date). Might be useful for feed queries.
  • new index : comments_i2 (image_id). Useful each time you want to have informations about an element and its associated comments.
  • version 9.11 of mysqldump outputs database field names and table names with backquote "`" (didn't find how to take them off)
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