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  • new: automatic new password sent by mail when requested by user
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  • trunk/doc/ChangeLog

    r865 r866  
     12005-09-17 Pierrick LE GALL 
     3        * new: automatic new password sent by mail when requested by user 
    152005-09-17 Pierrick LE GALL 
  • trunk/identification.php

    r854 r866  
    7373  array( 
    74     'MAIL_ADMIN' => $conf['mail_webmaster'], 
    7674    'L_TITLE' => $lang['identification'], 
    7775    'L_USERNAME' => $lang['login'], 
    8583    'U_REGISTER' => add_session_id(PHPWG_ROOT_PATH.'register.php'), 
     84    'U_LOST_PASSWORD' => add_session_id(PHPWG_ROOT_PATH.'password.php'), 
    8685    'U_HOME' => add_session_id(PHPWG_ROOT_PATH.'category.php'), 
  • trunk/language/en_UK.iso-8859-1/common.lang.php

    r863 r866  
    4949$lang['Confirm Password'] = 'Confirm Password'; 
    5050$lang['Connection settings'] = 'Connection settings'; 
     51$lang['Contact webmaster'] = 'Contact webmaster'; 
    5152$lang['Create a new account'] = 'Create a new account'; 
    5253$lang['Created on'] = 'Created on'; 
    5455$lang['Dimensions'] = 'Dimensions'; 
    5556$lang['Display'] = 'Display'; 
     57$lang['Email address is missing'] = 'Email address is missing'; 
    5658$lang['Email address'] = 'Email address'; 
    5759$lang['Enter your personnal informations'] = 'Enter your personnal informations'; 
     60$lang['Error sending email'] = 'Error sending email'; 
    5861$lang['File'] = 'File'; 
    5962$lang['Filesize'] = 'Filesize'; 
    6063$lang['Filter and display'] = 'Filter and display'; 
    6164$lang['Filter'] = 'Filter'; 
     65$lang['Forgot your password?'] = 'Forgot your password?'; 
    6266$lang['Go through the gallery as a visitor'] = 'Go through the gallery as a visitor'; 
    6367$lang['Help'] = 'Help'; 
    7074$lang['New on %s'] = 'New on %s'; 
    7175$lang['New password confirmation does not correspond'] = 'New password confirmation does not correspond'; 
     76$lang['New password sent by email'] = 'New password sent by email'; 
     77$lang['No email address'] = 'No email address'; 
     78$lang['No user matches this email address'] = 'No user matches this email address'; 
    7279$lang['Notification'] = 'Notification'; 
    7380$lang['Number of items'] = 'Number of items'; 
    7481$lang['Original dimensions'] = 'Original dimensions'; 
     82$lang['Password forgotten'] = 'Password forgotten'; 
    7583$lang['Password'] = 'Password'; 
    7684$lang['PhpWebGallery Help'] = 'PhpWebGallery Help'; 
    8189$lang['Registration'] = 'Registration'; 
    8290$lang['Reset'] = 'Reset'; 
     91$lang['Retrieve password'] = 'Retrieve password'; 
    8392$lang['Search'] = 'Search'; 
     93$lang['Send new password'] = 'Send new password'; 
    8494$lang['Since'] = 'Since'; 
    8595$lang['Sort by'] = 'Sort by'; 
    198208$lang['notification'] = 'notification'; 
    199209$lang['only_members'] = 'Only members can access this page'; 
     210$lang['password updated'] = 'password updated'; 
    200211$lang['password'] = 'Password'; 
    201212$lang['password_hint'] = 'You only have to give your password if you wish to change your e-mail'; 
    287298$lang['upload_title'] = 'Upload a picture'; 
    288299$lang['upload_username'] = 'Username'; 
     300$lang['useful when password forgotten'] = 'useful when password forgotten'; 
    289301$lang['w_month'] = 'Month'; 
    290302$lang['yes'] = 'Yes'; 
  • trunk/language/fr_FR.iso-8859-1/common.lang.php

    r863 r866  
    4848$lang['Confirm Password'] = 'Confirmer le mot de passe'; 
    4949$lang['Connection settings'] = 'Paramètres de connexion'; 
     50$lang['Contact webmaster'] = 'Contacter le webmestre'; 
    5051$lang['Create a new account'] = 'Créer un nouveau compte'; 
    5152$lang['Created on'] = 'Créer le'; 
    5354$lang['Dimensions'] = 'Dimensions'; 
    5455$lang['Display'] = 'Affichage'; 
     56$lang['Email address is missing'] = 'L\'adresse email manque'; 
    5557$lang['Email address'] = 'Adresse email'; 
    5658$lang['Enter your personnal informations'] = 'Entrer vos informations personnelles'; 
     59$lang['Error sending email'] = 'Erreur à l\'envoi du mail'; 
    5760$lang['File'] = 'Fichier'; 
    5861$lang['Filesize'] = 'Poids'; 
    5962$lang['Filter and display'] = 'Filtrer et afficher'; 
    6063$lang['Filter'] = 'Filtre'; 
     64$lang['Forgot your password?'] = 'Mot de passe oublié ?'; 
    6165$lang['Go through the gallery as a visitor'] = 'Parcourir la galerie en tant que visiteur'; 
    6266$lang['Help'] = 'Aide'; 
    6973$lang['New on %s'] = 'Nouveau le %s'; 
    7074$lang['New password confirmation does not correspond'] = 'Erreur de confirmation de mot de passe'; 
     75$lang['New password sent by email'] = 'Nouveau mot de passe envoyé par mail'; 
     76$lang['No email address'] = 'Pas d\'adresse email'; 
     77$lang['No user matches this email address'] = 'Cette adresse email ne correspond à aucun utilisateur'; 
    7178$lang['Notification'] = 'Notification'; 
    7279$lang['Number of items'] = 'Nombre d\'élément'; 
    7380$lang['Original dimensions'] = 'Dimensions d\'origine'; 
     81$lang['Password forgotten'] = 'Mot de passe oublié'; 
    7482$lang['Password'] = 'Mot de passe'; 
    7583$lang['PhpWebGallery Help'] = 'Aide de PhpWebGallery'; 
    8088$lang['Registration'] = 'Enregistrement'; 
    8189$lang['Reset'] = 'Annuler'; 
     90$lang['Retrieve password'] = 'Récupérer un mot de passe'; 
    8291$lang['Search'] = 'Rechercher'; 
     92$lang['Send new password'] = 'Envoyer le nouveau mot de passe'; 
    8393$lang['Since'] = 'Depuis'; 
    8494$lang['Sort by'] = 'Trier selon'; 
    197207$lang['notification'] = 'notification'; 
    198208$lang['only_members'] = 'Seuls les membres enregistrés peuvent accéder à cette page'; 
     209$lang['password updated'] = 'mot de passe mis à jour'; 
    199210$lang['password'] = 'Mot de passe'; 
    200211$lang['password_hint'] = 'Vous n\'avez à donner votre mot de passe que si vous désirez en changer.'; 
    286297$lang['upload_title'] = 'Ajouter une image'; 
    287298$lang['upload_username'] = 'Nom utilisateur'; 
     299$lang['useful when password forgotten'] = 'utile en cas d\'oubli de mot de passe'; 
    288300$lang['w_month'] = 'Mois'; 
    289301$lang['yes'] = 'Oui'; 
  • trunk/template/yoga/content.css

    r862 r866  
    1616BODY#theAboutPage #content, 
    1717BODY#thePopuphelpPage #content, 
     18BODY#thePasswordPage #content, 
    1819BODY#theNotificationPage #content 
  • trunk/template/yoga/identification.tpl

    r859 r866  
    44  <div class="titrePage"> 
    55    <ul class="categoryActions"> 
     6      <li><a href="{U_LOST_PASSWORD}" title="{lang:Forgot your password?}"><img src="template/yoga/theme/lost_password.png" alt="{lang:Forgot your password?}"></a></li> 
    67      <li><a href="{U_REGISTER}" title="{lang:Create a new account}"><img src="./template/yoga/theme/register.png" alt="{lang:register}"/></a></li> 
    78      <li><a href="{U_HOME}" title="{lang:Go through the gallery as a visitor}"><img src="./template/yoga/theme/home.png" alt="{lang:home}"/></a></li> 
    4950  <p> 
    5051    <a href="{U_REGISTER}"><img src="template/yoga/theme/register.png" alt=""> {L_REGISTER}</a> 
     52    <a href="{U_LOST_PASSWORD}"><img src="template/yoga/theme/lost_password.png" alt=""> {lang:Forgot your password?}</a> 
    5153  </p> 
  • trunk/template/yoga/register.tpl

    r859 r866  
    4343        <label for="mail_address">{lang:Mail address}</label> 
    4444        <input type="text" name="mail_address" id="mail_address" value="{F_EMAIL}" onfocus="this.className='focus';" onblur="this.className='nofocus';"> 
     45        ({lang:useful when password forgotten}) 
    4546      </li> 
    4647    </ul> 
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