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  • extensions/UserAdvManager/branches/2.20/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r9325 r9909  
    244244- At least 2 following Piwigo\'s users groups: "Waiting," without permission on private categories, and "Validated" with all the permissions on the private categories<br> 
    245245- UAM plugin<br> 
    246 - PWG Stuffs plugin, for adding a module type "Personal Block"<br> 
     246- PWG Stuffs plugin, for adding a special UAM module<br> 
    247247- Optionally, the plugin Extended Description to support multi-languages<br> 
    248248            </li><br><br> 
    252252              <ol> 
    253253                <li>Enable registration confirmation</li> 
     254                <li>Enable PWG Stuffs module option</li> 
    254255                <li>Enter text for additional explanation which will be attached to mail registration confirmation. If the plugin Extended Description is activated, the language tags can be used</li> 
    255256                <li>Select the "Waiting" group under "For users who have not validated their registration"</li> 
    260261B. In plugin PWG Stuffs : 
    261262              <ol> 
    262                 <li>Add a new module type "Personal block: Shows a block staff (eg an editorial)"</li> 
     263                <li>Go to tab "Add a new module"</li> 
     264                <li>Choose "UAM Module"</li> 
    263265                <li>Configure the module, indicating the title (eg "Registration pending validation") and its description, and only check "Waiting" in the list of groups allowed</li> 
    264266                <li>Complete content of the module with the message information to be displayed to users not validated. As UAM, languages markup may be used if the plugin is enabled Extended Description</li> 
    314316$lang['UAM_No_Userlist'] = 'No visitors to list for the moment'; 
    315317$lang['UAM_No_Usermanager'] = 'No unvalidated registers to list for the moment'; 
     318$lang['UAM_Stuffs_Title'] = 'UAM block'; 
     319$lang['UAM_Stuffs_Desc'] = 'Adds an information block for unvalidated users'; 
     320$lang['UAM_Stuffs'] = 'PWG Stuffs block'; 
    316321// --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.20.0 
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