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(edit) @17554   8 years grum feature:2701 bug:2702 bug:2720 bug:2722
(edit) @10517   9 years grum fix bug:2222
(edit) @9231   9 years grum release 0.5.9 fix bug:2191
(edit) @8969   9 years grum release 0.5.9 fix bug:2141
(edit) @7607   9 years riopwg language IT
(edit) @7569   9 years grum fix bug:1992 - On Canon file, debug informations are displayed
(edit) @7519   9 years grum Exploit the JpegMetadata class previous evolution feature:1975, …
(edit) @7512   9 years grum Some meta names are not translated in french feature:1978
(edit) @7511   9 years grum Update JpegMetadata class to implement COM segment as a tag and keywords …
(edit) @7441   9 years grum Implement feature:1965
(edit) @7399   9 years grum Fix many bugs bug:1894, bug:1898, bug:1911, bug:1863, bug:1955, bug:1956, …
(edit) @6986   10 years grum fix small bugs not referenced + bug:1870
(edit) @6949   10 years grum JpegMetadata => Implement multiple IPTC keywords managements & manage …
(edit) @6889   10 years grum Update JpegMetadata class to recognize some digiKam xmp tag bug:1826
(edit) @6731   10 years grum some file forgotten in the previous commit…
(edit) @6729   10 years grum feature:1777 - Weight of the metadata database can becomes very heavy
(edit) @6722   10 years grum bug:1686, feature:1718, feature:1719, feature:1688, feature:1692 - Picture …
(edit) @5789   10 years grum Translate JpegMetaData tags in french
(edit) @5237   10 years grum fix GPS managment with XMP metadata ; and fix some minor bugs
(edit) @5232   10 years grum fix bug : character encoding was wrong if there was no key to translate
(edit) @5231   10 years grum fix bug when formating dates : invalid dates are now ignored (forgotten to …
(edit) @5229   10 years grum fix bug when formating dates : invalid dates are now ignored
(edit) @5228   10 years grum fix bug to determine the lens on Nikon D200 (and probably other...)
(edit) @5222   10 years grum JpegMetaData class is updated - english Tag.po file is (almost) ready to …
(edit) @5038   10 years grum Manage multiple lenses for one Id for Pentax camera Add some minors …
(edit) @5004   10 years grum update GPS, XMP and MAGIC tags
(edit) @4998   10 years grum Small bugs fixed + implementation of "Magic" metadata
(edit) @4972   10 years grum Canon camera's maker note implementation + extended Xmp segments managed
(edit) @4935   10 years grum Start to implement Canon camera's maker note
(edit) @4933   10 years grum Fix bug on tag filter ("Makernote", "Exif IFD Pointer" & "GPS IFD …
(edit) @4931   10 years grum Implement Nikon camera's maker note ; add some Xmp tag ; fix some bugs
(edit) @4904   10 years grum Optimize some memory leak and some bugged lines of code
(edit) @4825   10 years grum Fixes a bug on the exif.exif.ShutterSpeedValue formula
(edit) @4824   10 years grum Fixes some little bugs
(edit) @4706   10 years grum Delete a not used and previously commited file
(edit) @4705   10 years grum Change Locale class by L10n class ; add Readers for Nikon and Canon …
(edit) @4698   10 years grum [Plugin:AMetaData] Finished to comment the JpegMetaData classes and rename …
(add) @4686   10 years grum [Plugin:AMetaData] prepare the directory for a future plugin
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