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Technical changes in Piwigo 2.5

Albums pagination for theme creators.

On index.tpl, add

{if !empty($cats_navbar)}
  {assign var=navbar value=$cats_navbar}
  {include file='navigation_bar.tpl'|@get_extent:'navbar'}

right after {$CATEGORIES}

And modify existing photos navbar by

{if !empty($thumb_navbar)}
  {assign var=navbar value=$thumb_navbar}
  {include file='navigation_bar.tpl'|@get_extent:'navbar'}

Add action buttons for plugin creators.

Introduction of two template methods to add buttons to index and picture toolbars, allowing you to place buttons relative to each other :

$template->add_picture_button($content, $rank);
$template->add_index_button($content, $rank);

No changes for themes.

Info./Error messages moved

On index.tpl, {include file='infos_errors.tpl'} was moved away from the main #content block. See

Jquery UI 1.9

Jquery ui effects filename has changed. For example change

footer|combine_script require='jquery.effects.blind'


footer|combine_script require='jquery.ui.effect-blind'

We'll have backward naming compatibility for 2.5 version only!

Password hash

Until version 2.4 we had a configuration parameter $conf['pass_convert']. Which by default was:

$conf['pass_convert'] = create_function('$s', 'return md5($s);');

Now we have 2 configuration settings :

// password_hash: function hash the clear user password to store it in the
// database. The function takes only one parameter: the clear password.
$conf['password_hash'] = 'pwg_password_hash';
// password_verify: function that checks the password against its hash. The
// function takes 2 mandatory parameter : clear password, hashed password +
// an optional parameter user_id. The user_id is used to update the password
// with the new hash introduced in Piwigo 2.5. See function
// pwg_password_verify in include/
$conf['password_verify'] = 'pwg_password_verify';

They are used this way:

if ($conf['password_verify']($clear_password, $row['password'], $row['id']))


    array($conf['user_fields']['password'] => $conf['password_hash']($_POST['use_new_pwd'])),
    array($conf['user_fields']['id'] => $user_id)
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