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FAQ-Debug : My pictures don't appear!

Follow the questions

1) Are your pictures registered?

In the administration, go to the batch manager and select an album : once you validated the filter, some thumbnails should appear :

  • if you get a “No photo in the current set.”, the upload failed : be sure you didn't added to large picture, according to page Photos→Add “20MB. jpeg, png, gif.” for example.
  • if you see “XX photos in current set” but just empty squares, read the paragraph 2
  • if you see “XX photos in current set” and the thumbnails, read the paragraph 3

2) My pictures are registered, but no thumbnails!

3) I see the thumbnails, but nothing or missing pictures on the public side

Most of cases are permissions issues :

  1. Check the level of privacy : in the Batch Manager, click on Edit for a problematic picture. Check the level of privacy, under “Who can see this photo?”. Then go to User→Manage→Properties column and be sure the level of privacy of the users match the one set for the picture. On the Batch Manager, if the picture has a level of privacy different than “Everyone”, it's written right on the thumbnails.
  2. Check the visibility of the albums : Go to Album→Properties, and check of the albums are private or not. If there are private, and you did it by mistake, revert them back to public. If not, go to Album→Manage then browse to the album, and then click Edit. Or go to the album on the public part, and click the edit icon. Once you are the edition page, click on the Permission tab : you can see exactly you can see that album, by clicking on “Show Details”. Enable the plugin Multi View, the easiest and fastest way to verify Who Can See What : it opens a pop-up and then select a user in the drop-down list
  3. Post on the forum, if the instructions didn't help you
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