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pLoader for Linux

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  • Authors: plg, ron
  • Categories: Tool
  • First revision date: 2009-03-09
  • Latest revision date: 2010-04-07
  • Available languages: 10 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7
  • Downloads: 33286
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About: pLoader is a software dedicated to prepare your photos and transfer them to your Piwigo installation:

* select photos from your file browser
* automatic preparation includes resizing for web display, thumbnail creation, automatic rotation
* complete informations such as name, author or description
* create a category
* transfer the selected photos to your remote Piwigo photo gallery

Your photos are visible on your gallery as soon as the transfer is done. Could it be easier?

Extract the pLoader*tar.gz archive content and run bin/ By default, it is configured for Ubuntu 9.10, open to switch to another Ubuntu version. You can run from anywhere, from a shortcut on your desktop for example.

Related links

  • pLoader 1.5 source code: To launch pLoader from source code. Requires the dev. environment. Installation procedure does not apply to that case.
  • pLoader 1.6 source code: To launch pLoader from source code. Requires the dev. environment. Installation procedure does not apply to that case.

Revision list

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Revision 2.0.7c 2864 Downloads, Released on 2010-02-03
Download revision 2.0.7c

Compatible with: 2.0

Available languages: 10 (see)

Česky [CZ] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Français [FR] Italiano [IT]
Magyar [HU] Русский [RU] 中文 (简体) [CN]
日本語 [JP]

Added by: ron

New features :

* 0001417: [GUI] Ability to set tags for a photo selection.
* 0001414: [GUI] Improve Photo properties panel by adding a notebook and a big upload button.
* 0001395: [GUI] Use a toolbook widget in Global settings dialog.

Fixed bugs

* 0001410: [GUI] pLoader may crash when adding or uploading photo is cancelled.
* 0001066: [configuration] unexpected behavior on resizing.
* 0001069: [GUI] too many photos automatically removed from selection.
* 0001403: [GUI] Re-upload management choices are overridden by default values.
* 0001367: [configuration] Close after refresh category.
* 0001394: [preparation] Auto rotate is not disabled when required.
* 0001370: [GUI] Broken watermark selection for color and position.

Technical Enhancements

* 0001400: [preparation] Remove pLoader resized image file cache.
* 0001389: [GUI] Remove AUI docking manager.
* 0001388: [GUI] Refactor getting started panel.
* 0001369: [configuration] Remove relative path for resources and locale catalogs.

Revision 2.0.7b 1376 Downloads, Released on 2010-01-06
Revision 2.0.7a 1121 Downloads, Released on 2010-01-01
Revision 2.0.3a 2404 Downloads, Released on 2009-07-06
Revision 2.0.2c 3151 Downloads, Released on 2009-06-02
Revision 2.0.2b 1170 Downloads, Released on 2009-05-15
Revision 2.0.1b 1275 Downloads, Released on 2009-03-30
Revision 2.0.1a 1080 Downloads, Released on 2009-03-18
Revision 2.0.0c 986 Downloads, Released on 2009-03-09
Revision 1.5 17859 Downloads, Released on 2010-04-07
mathieu on 24 May 2012
problèmes de dépendance

Sous linux, j'ai des problèmes de dépendance...
Un README /INTSALL serait bien, ainsi qu'une présentation des paquets/logiciels nécessaires au fonctionnement.

Pour info :
sudo apt-get install libclass-accessor-perl libwx-perl-processstream-perl libfile-slurp-perl libfile-homedir-perl libjson-perl packagekit-gtk3-module

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