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Automatic Oversize

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  • Author: lexming
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Tags: size, plugins
  • First revision date: 2017-03-25
  • Latest revision date: 2017-03-25
  • Available languages: 4 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.8, 2.9
  • Downloads: 1827
Català [CA] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR]

About: Automatically selects the smallest image size required to cover the full screen. It has no options and is always active unless the user selects manually a specific picture size, which will be remembered during the session.

This plugin is meant to be used with the Piwigo theme Versa. It automatically enables its fullscreen browsing capabilities while not having to default to the large out-of-the-camera picture size.

Heavily based on the Automatic Size plugin by plg (

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Revision 1.0 1827 Downloads, Released on 2017-03-25
Download revision 1.0

Compatible with: 2.9, 2.8

New languages: Français [FR]Español [ES]English [UK]Català [CA] Total : 4

Català [CA] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR]

Initial release

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