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About: This extension will display an overlay (partially or full-screen) with a certain text regarding cookies. You can alter the text and change the 'More Info' link.

When the user has accepted the cookies, a parameter will be set in the session table for that session so this popup wont show again.

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Revision 2.10c 389 Downloads, Released on 2020-01-18
Revision 2.10b 52 Downloads, Released on 2020-01-17
Revision 2.10a 34 Downloads, Released on 2020-01-17
Download revision 2.10a

Compatible with: 2.10

Displays banner / overlay with a cookie message. For now this is only an notification. Working on opt-in / opt-out, but had side-effects on login / original code of Piwigo

* api that sets data in session row of pwg_table
* Popup / banner of cookie
* Configuration of plugin


* Unused skeleton remains

* pwg_id cookie is still being set (session cookie) before accepting banner.
* Opt-out is not possible

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