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Piwigo Remote Sync

Revision v0.0.13 (2017-03-07)

English [UK]

About: Piwigo Remote Sync is an uploader for the Piwigo photo gallery software. This tool is able to upload a whole folder hierarchy. If you run it again, only new folder/photos will be uploaded.

Changes: * new trust ssl strategy (issue #1)
* new exception for site redirection error
* begin support for piwigo version 2.8.x (issue #3)

Exiftool GPS

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Revision 0.7a (2017-03-04)

  • Author: ramack
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Tags: gps
  • Available languages: 1 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.8
  • Downloads: 172
English [GB]

About: Uses command line exiftool to read exif GPS data. This is a workaround for the read_exif_data/exif_read_data bug in PHP which fails to read exif data if there are makernote data in the file.

Changes: fix repository

Language Switch

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Revision (2017-03-03)

Afrikaans [ZA] Brasil [BR] Brezhoneg [FR]
Català [CA] Česky [CZ] Dansk [DK]
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Español [ES]
Esperanto [EO] Estonian [EE] Finnish [FI]
Français [FR] Français [QC] Galego [ES]
Hrvatski [HR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Lietuvių [LT] Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL]
Norsk bokmål [NO] Nynorsk [NO] Polski [PL]
Português [PT] Română [RO] Slovenščina [SL]
Slovensky [SK] Srpski [SR] Svenska [SE]
Türkçe [TR] Việt [VN] Ελληνικά [GR]
Български [BG] Монгол [MN] Русский [RU]
Српски [SR] Українська [UA] עברית [IL]
العربية [AR] فارسی [IR] தமிழ் [IN]
ಕನ್ನಡ [IN] ภาษาไทย [TH] ქართული [GE]
ខ្មែរ [KH] 中文 (简体) [CN] 中文 (繁體) [TW]
中文 (香港) [HK] 日本語 [JP] 한국어 [KR]

About: Language Switch is a distributed plugin.
Check compatibility before you download.

Language Switch can be useful to allow guest or members to switch to another language by a click on the related flag.
When visitor clicks on it, it saves the chosen language in his session or in profile for members, then the current page is reloaded in the new language.

Changes: Let themes overload with their own template

Social Connect

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Revision 2.2.4 (2017-02-19)

Brasil [BR] Català [CA] Česky [CZ]
Dansk [DK] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Esperanto [EO] Estonian [EE]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL] Norsk bokmål [NO]
Polski [PL] Português [PT] Slovenščina [SL]
Slovensky [SK] Svenska [SE] Türkçe [TR]
Việt [VN] Ελληνικά [GR] Български [BG]
Русский [RU] Українська [UA] فارسی [IR]
ภาษาไทย [TH] 中文 (简体) [CN] 中文 (繁體) [TW]

About: Provides various ways to sign in your gallery.

Supported services :
Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo, OpenID, Flickr, Steam Community, Wordpress, 500px, Vkontakte.

Each authentication provider needs to be registered first, necessary help is available on the plugin configuration page.

Changes: Update Google guide.
Remove Persona (service closed).

Twitter Cards

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Revision 1.7 (2017-02-15)

English [UK]

About: This is a Piwigo plugin that will allow you to enable Twitter Photo Cards when you tweet a link to your photos.

* Before the photo cards will be enabled on Twitter you must submit your site with the Twitter Cards Validator.

* If you want to use Twitter analytics with the TwitterCards, please provide your Twitter username in the file.

* Twitter requires a title as well as a description for each pictures.

Feel free to fork and send pull requests. Contributions welcome.

The code to create the thumbnails was provided by

This script is open source software released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3.

Changes: Merged in changes made by @cmairet []

(588 extensions)
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