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2009-12-20 12:21:05

Our Polish friends can read information from the new release here

Thanks to voyteckst :-)

2009-12-20 00:38:40

Hi Piwigo Community,

Release 2.0.7 is available. It was supposed to be a feature enhancement and new language release but we postponed it to fix a vulnerability first.

* a Cross-site request forgery vulnerability was fixed, thanks to Bruno Hondelatte (Dsls) private reporting. The risk to be attacked is low, but it is highly recommended to upgrade.
* new language Arabic (العربية) thanks to mohammed ahmed al mobarak
* new features on API to reupload photos. You can change the size of your photos or add a high definition for example. pLoader 2.0.7a will come soon and use these new features.

All details available on

As usual on stable branch, no database upgrade is required from release 2.0.x. The recommended upgrade method is described on topic:15588. Upgrading is now a matter of 10 seconds, connection to your gallery included.

Stay tuned and read you soon on !


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