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2010-04-16 12:05:38

ron wrote:

I agree it is a little awkward but it will be improved soon :-)

Amen to that! Looking forward to it!

And thanks for the tip plg. Will come in handy!


2010-04-16 11:46:41

And if you want Piwigo to use your IPTC keywords to fill tags, in your include/config_local.inc.php, add:


$conf['use_iptc'] = true;

When you will add a photo with pLoader, there will be an automatic search in your IPTC tags to fill photo properties.

2010-04-16 11:41:57

I don't think pLoader removes IPTC, it just ignore them. If your IPTC mapping is defined in Piwigo, you should get your metadata even if they are not displayed in pLoader. I agree it is a little awkward but it will be improved soon :-)

2010-04-16 11:29:56

I don't want to be annoying, but "bump bump"..
pLoader still ignores my images ITCP information.

Am I the only one with this problem?


2010-04-13 16:59:28

Hi. I have been trying to get this working all day now.
It is very important for me that keywords follow my images from viewNX/Lightroom/Picasa to piwigo.
They don't though.. I have installed piwigo 2.0.9 on my server. Set it up nicely to work the way I want.
Downloaded pLoader 1.5 and run it and imported pictures in to it.
Already then I can see I am going to have problems.

The tag area of pLoader is blank. I know I have tags, I can even see them in Windows (windows 7).
So I hope it is just  a bug and continue with my upload.
But, I can not see any tags on my site after upload either. And I can not search for any tags.. :( 
When i go to the Highrez version of the images on my server, again I can read the IPTC info.

Tried following the advice from my administrator page just to see what happens (advice is on bottom of post) but even then I got the response:

Informations are read from sample.jpg
no IPTC information
EXIF Fields in sample.jpg

New advice about $conf['show_iptc_mapping']

Show IPTC Data from your picture:
1 - Copy one of your jpg pictures (a public one) in ./tools/
2 - Rename it as sample.jpg.
3 - Run ./tools/metadata.php
4 - Analyse results to determine which IPTC fields could be useful for your visitors.
Beginners would prefer to keep $conf['show_iptc'] = false,
Advanced users would take care of $lang values and impacts on templates.

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