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2011-11-23 18:47:37

Suberb, thanks - I love the flexibility of Piwigo and this just re-enforces it.

I will be making in my default gallery very shortly :)

2011-11-23 18:46:01

A single Piwigo installation can be accessed through several URL without any problem. That means you can map your subdomain to your "/piwigo" directory and you have nothing to change in the Piwigo configuration.

Yes, pLoader 1.6 works with Piwigo 2.3.1

2011-11-23 18:15:10

Hi there

I installed a copy of Piwigo to test if I could switch away from G2, which I feel that I can now.  The issue is that my G2 is accessed through a subdomain:

gallery.mydomain.com which points to www.mydomain.com/gallery

I installed Piwigo to www.mydomain.com/piwigo

I can alter the subdomain setup so that it points to the piwigo folder instead of gallery...but will this affect the operation of piwigo?

I know that I had some problems making this change in the past with G2 due to various config files referring to the full URL of the site.  Would I need to modify configs to access piwigo from a new url?

I hope I explained it well enough

Additionally....does the 1.6 Ploader work with v2.3.1?


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