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2012-02-18 06:22:57

Thanks :-)
I've updated the home page.

2012-02-18 01:42:05

Hi there,

Great work, thanks for the update.

Just wanted to let you know that the announcement on the front page reads "February 14th 2011". Notice the 2011... it gives the wrong impression as being outdated for those who don't enter the news page.


2012-02-14 10:39:06

Hi Piwigo folks,

Piwigo 2.3.3 is available. A few minor bugs are fixed in this version, see full details on the Piwigo 2.3.3 Release Notes.

The Esperanto was added by Axel Rousseau. Esperanto aims to be the "international language". Piwigo is now available in 46 languages!

And also a few additional features:

* a new screen to control rates by users (basically we needed it to avoid cheating on the Showcase)
* new option on API method pwg.images.add to update an existing photo

Follow the automatic upgrade procedure and run the most recent version of Piwigo.

Have a nice upgrade!

Piwigo Team

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