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2017-04-25 13:10:13

Ratheesh wrote:

Expected 2.9 at 24th
When will it happen?


2017-04-25 12:46:11

Expected 2.9 at 24th
When will it happen?

2017-04-23 22:03:43

Wow, Pierrick! I did not think Piwigo was so many years old! It is good to know that it enjoys good health and with a great community! Congratulations to all for making this possible and for putting all this passion and time to make Piwigo become great software!

That cake looks so great that I would be sorry to eat it. Fortunately one can see the photos again to remember how it was before eat it :-D

Kind regards,

2017-04-22 12:05:23

wow :) 15 years? :)

happy, happy birthday and all the best greetings to all the people involved into Piwigo!!! :)

thank you :)

2017-04-18 15:08:18

Thank yo for the reply

2017-04-18 09:48:39

Ratheesh wrote:

Whren will nee release 2.9 come out?

Next week. Monday 24th April 2017 if all goes well.

2017-04-18 04:44:43

Happy Birthday Piwigo

Whren will nee release 2.9 come out?

2017-04-13 20:01:18

Congratulations and thanks to all who put in effort and time to develop Piwigo as it is today!

2017-04-13 04:08:36


2017-04-12 14:30:47

Can't fool me.  The 5 is an upside down 2!

I want to file a bug report!

Seriously though, congratulations!

2017-04-12 13:51:17


2017-04-12 13:37:06

Congratulations - 15 years!!!
Awesome looking cake!

2017-04-12 12:52:23

The cake is really great. Thanks her for us, since in a way she supported Piwigo too. Thank you Pierrick for all the time spent in Piwigo for us since it includes not only the Piwigo code but the community, website ... thank you for allowing us to be part of this adventure. We all learned -and still learning for some- a lot thought this journey far from the end :)

2017-04-12 11:57:18

Today, 15 years ago, Piwigo 1.0.0 was released. Back then its name was still PhpWebGallery. I started this project as a personal project. Living next to my engineering school, I wanted to share photos with my parents, 500 kilometers away. Because I was using other open source software I wanted to give back to the community and published Piwigo with an open source license !

Piwigo has become a full-featured solution to manage your photo collection. First users were private users. Then came photographers. Today more and more teams and companies are using Piwigo to manage their own photo library. I'm very proud and grateful at the same time. Thank you to all contributors, developers, translators, forum supporters, extension creators!

No more talking, let's see what Marion prepared to celebrate this event :-)




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Happy birthday Piwigo!

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