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2017-08-27 12:06:21

Hi Wim

Wim wrote:

is it possible to turn of this 'fancy, super duper new dasboard design thing' or do i have to
fall back on 2.8

You can't turn if off. But what in the old dashboard is missing compared to the new one?

2017-08-27 07:55:48


is it possible to turn of this 'fancy, super duper new dasboard design thing' or do i have to
fall back on 2.8

2017-05-06 03:28:11

That worked!  Thanks much😎

2017-05-05 20:40:11

tmszewczuk wrote:

I guess that reply means I'm reinstalling.... should take you to your login screen and the admin pages. Does that not work?

2017-05-03 02:14:00

I guess that reply means I'm reinstalling....

2017-05-03 00:27:41

Merci beaucoup! Excellent work.

2017-05-02 22:10:37

I just updated from 2.8.6 to 2.8.9 on my test server.  I performed the auto update (after manually dumping the database) and didn't really pay attention to the themes not supported.  I'm using stripped version 2.5.7 and I don't have any login option on main screen.  At this stage of the game, is there a workaround way to login and get to the admin screen?

The site is located:

2017-05-02 20:31:46

Hi Paul Van Atta,

Please open a topic on "How-To and Troubleshooting" section :-)

Paul Van Atta
2017-05-02 20:01:39

For the 2.9 upgrade, I see an option called "Dump Database". What exactly does this do and when would you want to use it? Seems like it's a separate option from just clicking "Upgrade to Piwigo 2.9.0" in the admin console?

2017-05-02 15:04:42

Greetings everybody!

Design matters. This is what recent user testing sessions have clearly revealed. This is why this version 2.9 focuses on refreshing our design, for the administration pages. Of course we have also added a few features, improved ergonomy and made your Piwigo even faster.
Here is certainly the biggest change on 2.9: design! Dark header, footer and menubar. Less borders. Brand new administration home page, called "Dashboard", with big icons for quick access to main pages.

Piwigo 2.9 release notes | Upgrade guide

We've made our best to have as many extensions compatible with Piwigo 2.9 as possible. You should be able to update right now :-)

Happy update!

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