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Stephen White
2017-12-19 12:56:20

I have used piwigo on 2 web sites (one public personal and one private organization) since 2013.  I love the feature of being able to cross-link photos to different albums so that 1 picture can be displayed in many different places.  Thanks for doing a great job on this product.  I highly recommend.

2017-12-12 15:21:03

Piwigo is simply the best free solution on market for galleries.
In combination with apache basic_auth and due to the big list of plugins everyone will find his favourite piece.

Bill Gowacki
2017-12-05 14:12:18

Just want to add my 'props' to the folks at Piwigo for the great product they have put out for their clients. I create a Piwigo photo album for each of the websites I create and walk each client through the 'how to's' of Piwigo, which is very user friendly. I have tried other photo albums in the past and have always come back to Piwigo not just because it's FREE, but because it is honestly.....THE BEST!

2017-12-01 21:28:54

Done !
Hope there will be many, Piwigo rocks !

2017-12-01 15:39:02

Hello Piwigo Community,

We're preparing a "testimonials" page on This new page would collect (positive) feedback on Piwigo. It would mainly be useful to people discovering Piwigo, trying to know if it would fit their needs.

We're calling you, the Piwigo users, for help: would you like to write a testimonial? Let's say between 20 and 100 words. Here are a few ideas for your testimonial:

* telling how happy you are with Piwigo
* describe how much time it saved you
* say how easy it is to use
* explain what you're using it for
* brag about how many photos you manage
* mention how many years you have used Piwigo so far

Those are just ideas, don't hesitate to be creative ;-)

We are looking for various kind of users : organisations, companies, public sector, schools & universities, pro photographers, families, birds collectors... If possible from all over the world, so please tell us what your country is :-)

If you're OK to take a few minutes, please [send an email] with your genuine testimonial :-) It would really help!


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