#1 2009-10-24 01:30:28

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

pLoader release 2.0.5a

Hello Piwigo community members and pLoader followers!

After 3 months (holydays included) or hard work, nearly 8,000 downloads for 2.0.3a, pLoader comes back in the lime light. Here comes release 2.0.5a.

One of the longest changelog since the beginning of pLoader adventure, with top most important changes:

* internationalization (i18n) improvements at technical level + 3 new languages, spanish (thanks to ddtddt), italian (thanks to rio), chinese (thanks to winson)
* ability to add a watermark on uploaded photos, thanks to flipflip
* support of non latin characters in file paths (this bug was very "hot" for russian, chinese and japanese users)

Read more details on [Forum, post 109657 by plg in topic 14970] pLoader for Windows, prepare and upload photos from your computer

For now, pLoader 2.0.5a is only available for Windows. The Ubuntu version is under preparation, with Ubuntu 9.04 compatibility probably (hopefully, with 9.10 too).

We're not forgetting Mac users. A pLoader for Mac is under preparation currently. 2 members of the Piwigo team (me included) now have a Mac, so it should be available soon.

Your comments (positive or negative) are expected and will be appreciated (even the negative ones).


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