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#1 2009-11-06 00:15:50

Piwigo Team
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Piwigo release 2.0.6

Hi Piwigo Community,

Release 2.0.6 is available. This is a security release.

* a Non-persistent XSS (Cross-site scripting) vulnerability was fixed, thanks to Andrew Paterson private reporting. The bug is fully described in the bugtracker, in a private issue. We don't give too many details right now, just the recommendation to upgrade.
* new language Hungarian (Magyar) thanks to Pal Mehesz
* the ability to subscribe to Chinese Piwigo Newsletter was added (yes, cn.piwigo.org is under preparation and the Piwigo newsletter subscription is already available thanks to Winson)

All details available on http://piwigo.org/releases/2.0.6

As usual on stable branch, no database upgrade is required from release 2.0.x. As introduced during release 2.0.4 announcement it is recommended to use [extension by P@t] Piwigo Auto Upgrade to manage your upgrade (see [Forum, topic 15370] Piwigo release 2.0.4)

Stay tuned and read you soon on http://piwigo.org/forum !


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