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Rename/Order ALbums

     I would like to manually order my albums and it is not in alphanumeric order.  How can I do that?

     I would also like to rename albums and do not want to delete album and the have to reload the photos.

     Alos, is there any way I can order the phots within the album.. I uploaded the photos in the appropriate order but they are in a different physical order when viewed online.



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Re: Rename/Order ALbums

Re-order albums...

Go to

Administration >> Albums >> Manage

To re-order, just click and drag on the album name.

To change the name of the album, stay on that same page where you re-ordered the albums, go over to the little tools icon, change the name and click on "submit".

That's just for your first questions, let me go look for the other.

Okay, I'm back.

Go into your plugins. If you don't already have the Local Files Editor plugin installed, you'll need to do that.  Once you've got that done, click on the "Local Config" tab.  Over to the right of the box, you should see "Display reference file". Click on that and a new window will pop up with the default settings. What you will be doing is overriding some of that information.

I wanted mine sorted by date uploaded, oldest first.  So, I have

' ORDER BY date_available DESC, file ASC, id ASC';

In the actually category, I wanted the newest created pictures first.  If I took it last week, it will appear after something I take today, even though I uploaded them both today.  Once inside the category, it's different.  You can see that below.

If you want to see how it looks, my gallery is at

I think this software is awesome, I just installed it a couple of weeks ago.

date_available is the date you uploaded it.

date_creation is the date you took it (according to your camera's exif info)

DESC is descending, ASC is ascending (you probably already know that, but some newbies reading this might not)

This is how my local config (local/config/  is set (feel free to copy and paste and make the changes you want):

$conf['calendar_datefield'] = 'date_available';

// order_by : how to change the order of display for images in a category ?
// There are several fields that can order the display :
//  - date_available : the date of the adding to the gallery
//  - file : the name of the file
//  - id : element identifier
//  - date_creation : date of element creation
// Once you've chosen which field(s) to use for ordering, you must chose the
// ascending or descending order for each field.  examples :
// 1. $conf['order_by'] = " order by date_available desc, file asc";
//    will order pictures by date_available descending & by filename ascending
// 2. $conf['order_by'] = " order by file asc";
//    will only order pictures by file ascending without taking into account
//    the date_available
$conf['order_by'] = ' ORDER BY date_available DESC, file ASC, id ASC';

// $conf['order_by_inside_category'] = ' ORDER BY rank';
// will sort images by the manually defined rank of images in this category.
$conf['order_by_inside_category'] = $conf['order_by'];

$conf['order_by_inside_category'] = ' ORDER BY date_creation DESC, file ASC, id ASC';


Once you're done, save the file.  If you want to make any changes, just go back into the editor, change them accordingly and re-save.

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