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Synchronize CIFS mounted Directory

Hi Guys!

I am new to Piwigo and the Forums so apologies if this has been answered somewhere.... I have not been able to locate an answer so here goes.

I have a directory with a ton of photos on our SAN. (NTFS - AD etc)
This directory is happily mounted locally on my Suse server running Piwigo.

I can add this directory in the [Site Manager] but a sync attempt returns an error:

              [PWG-ERROR-NO-FS (File/directory read error)]

I have tried a symlink in the root of Piwigo and also tried the full path to the mount with the same result.

Permissions on the CIFS mount is the same as my Apache user which can read/write. (Verified this)
Permissions on the symlinked dir was the same.

What I'm trying to achieve:: I have a large library with its own dir structure. I was hoping to "point" Piwigo at the already existing picture storage to populate Piwigo without  doubling up on the picture library by uploading all the files to the Piwigo server as well.

Is this possible, or have I missed something?

Really enjoying the product BTW.




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