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#1 2011-09-04 12:18:57


HTML5 and CSS3

Tags: [2.2]

Hi everybody,

I've just started to use this software in my server but I don't like very much the appearance of the galleries. I was looking for something more appealing with the brand new HTML5 and CSS3 and I found some things that I think it should not be so difficult to include in Piwigo.

I just have doubts about where to put the code. There are some php files that I may think they are what I am aiming for, but I'm not sure. Can anybody help me with this? I would test everything myself and then commit if possible and if you like it.



#2 2011-09-04 13:43:43

Piwigo Team
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Re: HTML5 and CSS3

You love Piwigo so don't hesitate to participate, learn more on the "Contribute to Piwigo" page. If you don't have much time for contribution, you can also help the project with a donation.



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