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#1 2012-06-22 11:56:56

Piwigo Team
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Piwigo 2.4

Hello Piwigo Community,

Piwigo 2.4 is available for download or upgrade! You can read the Full release notes of Piwigo 2.4.0, which includes many screenshots and videos.

The new, on-demand "multiple sizes" feature allows Piwigo to display your photos in nine sizes, from XXS to XXL - ideal for mobile devices, laptops, tablets, desktop computers and HDTVs. The new default theme "Elegant" is designed to be refined and modern. The intelligent mobile theme, introduced in this version 2.4, is automatically loaded for visitors on iPhones, Androids and other smartphones. Piwigo 2.4 can imprint your photos with watermarks, a highly anticipated feature by professional photographers.


* Piwigo 2.4.0 release notes (screenshots and videos)
* Upgrade Guide (automatic upgrade recommended)

Important notes about upgrade: please make sure you give appropriate file permissions on photo files in "galleries", Piwigo will apply a new organization. Note also that remote sites are not longer supported.

Do you have a blog, a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account? Do you participate in a community linked to photography, free softwares or web technologies? We would really appreciate that you spread the news!

Piwigo Team

Latest blog post (March 23th 2017) Piwigo.com Enterprise plans, now official!


#2 2012-06-22 13:26:07

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Re: Piwigo 2.4

It is good to see version 2.4 released - I joined Piwigo recently, hoping to use the new features and I can't wait to see it available on Piwigo.com.

I think the Multi-size feature, which I first saw in SmugMug, is a great aspect as it gives users (viewers) control and I am interested to try the Mobile Theme likewise.  In this context, the customer is king.

I am pleased that Piwigo 2.4 can imprint photos with watermarks - indeed it is a feature highly anticipated by professional photographers.  I think this should be highlighted on the front page of Piwigo.org under "Features you'll love".

Well done, Piwigo team.



#3 2012-06-22 16:50:38

Translation Team
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Re: Piwigo 2.4

If you have a large number of custom size settings, or panoramas using the paMOOramics plugin, hold of on upgrading. There are some issues related to the remote hosting of image files. It is not really possible to disable the multiple size setting.


#4 2012-06-22 17:27:28

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Re: Piwigo 2.4

I did a fresh install of V2.4 to a new database.

When I try to run the Edit_GMaps plugin it does not work.
One of the errors reported is

Warning:  [mysql error 1054] Unknown column 'tn_ext' in 'field list'

SELECT id,tn_ext,name,path,file,lat,lon,alt FROM piwigo_images
  WHERE id IN (1,2,3)
  ORDER BY date_available DESC, file ASC, id ASC
  LIMIT 0, 20
; in /home/public_html/domain.com/piwigo/include/dblayer/functions_mysql.inc.php on line 770

When I check the database the column 'tn_ext' is indeed missing whereas it was in the database created by RC3.

I removed the reference to 'tn_ext' and now all errors have disappeared when using the plugin and it 'appears' to be working.

However I still have not had a response to my query about the plugin posted here

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#5 2012-06-25 15:40:25


Re: Piwigo 2.4

THANKX to all that make hard work for this new great 2.4 release !!!!! ... i run to set up and enjoy !!!!!!
THANKX again Piwigo Community

#6 2012-06-25 21:04:20

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Re: Piwigo 2.4



#7 2012-06-26 18:40:02

Dear Hunter

Re: Piwigo 2.4

well done... =D

#8 2012-09-26 22:14:25


Re: Piwigo 2.4


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