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[resolved] [Solved] Errors after installing Community Plugin


First, thank you for the Community Plugin. Really do like what it can do for a Piwigo website and its members.

I am running Piwigo 2.6.1. I installed the Community Plugin and configured it with the following settings.

Configuration Tab
  - User Albums --> checked or unchecked
  - Where should Piwigo create user albums? --> Gallery root or Community

Upload Permissions Tab
  - Who? --> Any registered user
  - Where? --> User album only
  - Options --> High trust

When a registered user goes to the address http://path/piwigo/index.php?/add_photos , the following errors appear (no debug mode).

Notice: Constant PHOTOS_ADD_BASE_URL already defined in /path/piwigo/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 32

Notice: Undefined index: storage in /path/piwigo/plugins/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 427

Notice: Undefined index: nb_photos in /path/piwigo/plugins/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 459

Notice: Undefined variable: setup_errors in /path/piwigo/plugins/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 503

Notice: Undefined variable: selected_category in /path/piwigo/plugins/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 522

Notice: Undefined variable: selected_category in /path/piwigo/plugins/plugins/community/add_photos.php on line 546

The errors don't appear when logged in as website admin.

Because I don't know the root cause of the error, I don't know how to fix.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Notes: Deactivating IcyPictureModify deactivates the http://path/piwigo/index.php?/add_photos link (no longer works). Upload1Menu is not installed.

After creating a new user account, logging in as new user, and navigating to http://path/piwigo/index.php?/add_photos , the default folder is the website admin album rather than a newly created album for the new user.

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Re: [resolved] [Solved] Errors after installing Community Plugin

This issue appears to have been resolved. After receiving a notice for an update to Right2Click and completing the update to this plugin, the error messages described above no longer appear for users.

Much thanks!

Thanks so much for such a great photo gallery.




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