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Former Piwigo Team
Lyon (FR)

Useful links/services

I'll compile here some online services I use to code, feel free to submit more.

== Resources : list of useful UTF-8 characters with their HTML and CSS codes : Icon-font generator (what we use for Piwigo admin) : collection of web design components :  CSS gradient generator : All Unicode caracters, with a search box ! : generate CSS sprites for country flags : thousands of vectorial icons, free for non commercial apps

== Code cleaners : HTML/XML beautifier : JavaScript minifier : JavaScript beautifier (exactly the reverse !) : JSON "beautifier" and tree viewer

== Editors : Markdown editor with live preview, with Google Drive/Dropbox sync : Graph (UML, mockup, etc) editor, also with Google Drive/Dropbox sync : graphical regular expression viewer : another graphical regex viewer : regular expression tester with reference and community submited patterns : A alternative interface for Github Gists, it allows to add labels and create groups : Compare texts online : Write books in Markdown, each book is a Git repo : Compile SASS/SCSS online and save snippets to Github Gist

== Other : documentations of many languages in one place, with examples ! : when you want to test a snippet without launch your server or compile a binary : HTML/CSS/JS playground : convert UNIX timestamp to readable date time : reverse image search : a scientific search engine, understanding natural language

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