#1 2016-02-01 12:34:26

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.8.0RC2

Hello Piwigo beta-testers,

Piwigo 2.8 Release Candidate 2 is available and waiting for your tests and only for your tests, so don't install it on your live website. To learn more about new features of Piwigo 2.8, you can read the previous announcement announcement for 2.8.0RC1.

Thanks to your user feedbacks, we have fixed some bugs on the authentication by key, on compatibility with PHP7. See the full list of changes.

The beta-testing continues and we still need your feedbacks :-) Beta-test installations hosted on have already been updated.

Download Piwigo 2.8.0RC2

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#2 2016-02-28 13:32:34


Re: Piwigo 2.8.0RC2

Very complacent your new Piwigo 2.8.0RC2 has installed her(its) poslt that, what has tried Piwigo 2.7.4 to her too claim was not. Before this put Piwigo 2.4 флешь loading did not work, did not work she and on more early version. Now loader photo much pleases. It Is Loaded more than 1000 photoes without problems.  From plugins was immediately installed only plugin lightboxю. Works well.
When governing photo and album of the censures no. Wanted to was a possibility to rotate the photo or I have not found this. Thank you, very worthy gallery.

   Mikhail, Vladivostok.

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