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Mark subjects as [resolved]


Please find below a proposal of recommandation, intended to be included in rules or as a sticky post.

"You have presented an issue or a question through a message on the forum and thanks to other members you got a solution?
Indicate it to the other users by marking your post as  a " Problem resolved " so that other people with a similar problem can more easily take benefit from solutions and the more experienced know that you got your answer. When applicable, synthesize the solution, even if you found it yourself, so that it can be used by a large number of users.
If you are the author of the message, you have at the end of the first message the following link : "Set this topic as resolved "

As far as I usually write in FrenGlish, any one of you who speaks english correctly could make proper corrections, I hope you can understand the meaning, do not hesitate if it is not the case ;-)


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