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RV Maps and Earth error 404 map.php


I just installed a fresh Piwigo and RV Maps & Earth (v2.10.a) and get error 404, map.php not found. Both are up to date.

This is true since map.php doesn't exist in the Piwigo root but does exist in plugins/rv_gmaps directory.

I copied map.php from the plugins directory to the root and set its user:group to the Apache user:group (www-data:www-data). The whole Piwigo tree has this user:group. After deactivating/reactivating the plugin it began to work.

The problem now is that RVME is showing the map icon for some photos and not of others. I downloaded a working and non-working file and looked at the Exif GPS data using GeoSetter and ExifTool (PC) or Get Info (MAC). It appears to be correct in the Exif data fields for both the working and non-working files since they both show their respective maps.

Examples of working and non-working files are attached. Perhaps someone could see why one works and the other doesn't?


Piwigo version: 2.9.2
PHP version:
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL: http://

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