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Tool: Import Data from Gallery2


while I know that there's a plugin to do a G2 import, in some cases you just don't want to copy your whole gallery - and afaik the import plugin does not copy the ratings, e.g.

I wrote a little script for my own requirements - maybe someone else finds it useful as well.

If you re-upload your picture(s) to Piwigo, you simply feed the new Piwigo link of the picture and its old G2-link to the script.

You may select if you want to copy the rating only, "Rating, comments and views" or "Rating, comments, views, date of upload and description".

The script can handle 10 pictures at once.

Here's a litte screenshot:

Usage is simple:

- download the script
- edit the first lines and insert your SQL data
- upload it to your web server
- point your browser to it.

(both G2 and Piwigo must use the same DB, of course)

Here's the link:


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