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Windows Install


I'd love to try using Piwigo, but the learning curve to install it is immense for a Windows user.  Ok, the issue isn't installing Piwigo itself but rather everything involved in installing Apache and the database and other support software necessary.  I know there are installation guides to help, but they're written for people thoroughly familiar with Linux or some such.  For example I get Apache installed, but then Piwigo demands I enter a password supplied by... by... well by someone.  Apache didn't offer one up, but I presume it's buried in there somewhere to those who know how to access it.  And then there are the warnings generated about how "stat failed for" etc, et al, and so forth and so on.

Anyhow, I don't want or expect any hand holding here to get things working.  I just wanted to point out that you guys should have some system worked out to do automatic Localhost installs to my Windows C: drive like any other Windows program has.  That is if you actually want to attract users from beyond your existing community...


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