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Uploads by users

Hi all what a great script, been playing around with it for 2 months now, just a couple of Q if a I may

Is it possible for me to allow users to upload to visitor categories and my group to upload to our group categories using [wiki],   but still allow public to see all categories?


#2 2009-10-07 06:58:55

Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Re: Uploads by users

In support wrote:


    * Show upload link every time: If exists uploadeable categories, add link will be show for each categoy.
    * User access level to upload: Allows to restrict upload by users

If I understand your request it is possible

Administration -> Configuration -> General -> tab upload


Administration -> Categories -> Properties -> tab upload

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#3 2009-10-19 13:15:11


Re: Uploads by users

When I tried to do this none of my categories show up in my upload allowed or denied boxes. my permission for the web folder was set to 777 and i added it as a category through the add category page. it shows up everywhere else but not in the upload. Also none of the categories show when anyone other then admin is logged in. this is on a linux box using simplescripts to install and everything else works. but no upload link not even for admin.


#4 2009-10-19 14:22:05


Re: Uploads by users

its amazing what you can find while reading the old posts :)

i fixed it lol maybe the synchronize button DOES need to be bigger lmao

Thanks Piwigo Team for making a great looking product!!


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