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#1 2011-07-03 22:57:15


How can I make PWG look like the rest of my site?

I am running a WordPress site on Dreamhost. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. I installed PWG 2.2.1 in a subdirectory and it looks great. I like the application very much and prefer it over Gallery. However, I am finding it difficult to do one major thing that's important to me, and that is to integrate it into my current site so that it looks like the rest of my pages. I've searched through the forum and found some posts that refer to extended themes and plugins. This is all way over my head; I'm no programmer, and would prefer that I not have to learn PHP in order to do something that seems like it should be fairly simple. The basic tasks I'm trying to accomplish are to:

1. Change/insert a header image, the same one that is on the rest of my site
2. Change the background color to match the rest of my site

Is there a very simple, easy-to-use tutorial somewhere on how to make these changes, or is this simply not supported unless you have the skill to create your own template?

Thanks in advance.



#2 2011-07-05 19:23:28

Piwigo Team

Re: How can I make PWG look like the rest of my site?

thx to have chosen piwigo

You don't need php skills just html/css knowledges : creating a new theme is easy See

if you have trouble, feel free to ask on that forum.

To get a better help : Politeness like Hello-A link-Your past actions precisely described
Check my extensions : more than 30 available
who I am and what I do :
My gallery : an illustration of how to integrate Piwigo in your website


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