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SEO-friendly URLs (again)

I've just installed 2.2.3 on my 1&1 shared hosting account, and I am amazed by Piwigo... thanks.

I see many forum messages about what I want to do: for example, change the album URLs to include more information about what the album actually contains and do something similar forURLs of photos in that album. My questions:

1) When I put "AcceptPathInfo on" into a .htaccess file, where should that file be located?  In the .htaccess file I already have at the server root (above the piwigo directory), or a new file in the piwigo directory itself, or...?

2) If I add "AcceptPathInfo on" to the .htaccess file I already have at the server root, and then I try to load the top-level page from Piwigo in my browser, I get an "Internal Server Error" page instead of the top-level Piwigo page that I see otherwise.  Does this mean I can't use the SEO-friendly URLs at all?

3) Most of the forum posts say I should install LocalFiles Editor.  I also have shell access to my server; can I use it?  If I can use the shell, in what directory should I install the PHP code which is similar to:


$conf['question_mark_in_urls'] = true;
$conf['php_extension_in_urls'] = true;
$conf['category_url_style'] = 'id-name';
$conf['picture_url_style'] = 'id-file';
$conf['tag_url_style'] = 'id-tag';

With those answers, I think I can experiment and find my own best solution.  Thanks a lot for any advice!


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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: SEO-friendly URLs (again)

Hi Jerry,

Please read this [Forum, post 122615 by paradigm in topic 17661] SEO URLs - need htaccess example if you haven't done it yet.

1) in a .htacess file in the directory of Piwigo

2) do you have access to your error log file? If yes, then take a look at it and extract the error related to AcceptPathInfo

3) LocalFiles Editor is not mandatory, it justs avoid to make errors and it avoids to use FTP. The local configuration is the file local/config/, you can edit it manually.



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