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#1 2016-08-12 12:46:53

Maidstone, UK

Is this the official Piwigo subreddit?

Hi guys and pixelladies

Is this the official Piwigo subreddit: ?

I am rediscovering reddit for myself and omg.. it is great (if you like dark jokes) :)

+ .. look guys, the traffic it can give you (if you play it right) is GREAT! .. at least it is in my eyes.

I have posted images from a dozen times in related categories (in non-spamming way, I really hope so) and get at least 100 users/day (shared most photos 3 days ago)..

here is a screenshot of visitors coming from reddit:

.. my posts


I don't know how about you - but I am really struggling when I see all this time invested into the project and then you go to google analytics and see 1-3 users/day :( .. yes, the market may be oversaturated with CC0 photos, but still..


have a great, great Friday all,
and of course >> huge TX to all the creators of Piwigo

Last edited by helmuc (2016-08-12 12:49:14) - Royalty free public domain photos (CC0) for personal and business needs..


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