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Preserving Pixels And Image Size

My camera produces images which are...

-+- 3264 x 1836  Pixels

Piwigo shows my users images of a much smaller resoultion...

-+- 792 x 445  Pixels

By clicking on the "Photo Sizes" icon Piwigo will put an image on the viewer's screen which is...

-+- 1656 x 931 Pixels

This is better than the too small image, and indeed would be a great option except that they are so large that the user doesn't see the full image.

Is there a way to configure Piwigo to show the user a large image, still in a 16 x 9 ratio, which is large with lots of detail, so that the user sees the full image at one time, but not so large that the viewer has to access a scroll bar to see the whole thing ?

Is there a way for the viewer to see the original giant size image (i.e., the full 3264 thing) on the viewer's screen if the viewer wants to see that level of detail ?

Is this already covered in one of the documents ? If so, can someone point me to it ?

This little Piwigo album will demonstrate what I'm currently experiencing...

Piwigo version: 2.8.3
PHP version: PHP: 5.5.36  [2016-12-20 16:27:32]
MySQL version: MySQL: 5.5.45-cll-lve [2016-12-20 16:27:32]
Piwigo URL:



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Piwigo Team

Re: Preserving Pixels And Image Size

I would recommend you to take your time to discover your Piwigo with the plugin Take A Tour and Localfiles Editor: the latter is about the local config and $conf['derivative_default_size'] is what you're looking for

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