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Ability for plugins to process any file type on upload

Tags: [animation, videos]

I'm working on updates to allow raw file support and generalize the support for file upload. This feature request is to enable the discussion of code in a bit more detail (and allow upload of diffs for testing).
Additional information: The first diff uploaded is relative to the current trunk.
Currently, the parts that work are:
Upload of normal images (e.g. jpg, png, gif) works as expected
The pwg_representative file is created
The representative_ext is added to the database
The parts that don't yet work are:
The pwg_representative file doesn't show in the album view (just a gray exclamation point of an unsupported file) After uploading the file, the upload image preview doesn't show up (shows as a broken image and when looking at the image in a different tab, it gets the ImageMagick error of "[Image] unsupported file extension")
Synchronization hooks supporting ftp upload are not yet built.

I didn't get the right answer from the internet.
- [Github] Piwigo issue #293
- Animated explainer video Examples



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