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#1 2017-09-05 05:46:21

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Extended Description - [Slider] - Adjust for mobile

I'm using bootstrap themes and additional pages. I want to use the Extended Description [slider] on the pages but they don't automatically size down for mobile browsers. I could manually define html to use bootstrap to make a carousel but I like the idea of just adding photos to albums and letting the slider randomly chose a photo. Does someone know of way I could still use the sliders but have them adjust for the container size of the bootstrap div I'm placing them in or someway to have them adjust for mobile browsers?



#2 2017-09-08 09:32:39

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Re: Extended Description - [Slider] - Adjust for mobile

Use the Webservice API to request a number of random images for a category (using order=random) and turn it into a bootstrap carousel.

See https://pwgdemo.kuther.net/index/page/s … h_carousel for an example on how to use the API for a carousel, and http://piwigo.org/demo/tools/ws.htm -> pwg.categories.getImages for the API method required.

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