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#106 2016-01-02 21:35:53

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Re: [Plugin] FacebookPlug

Hi - great plugin, thanks!

It worked fine on my test site, however, on my live site the share icon is broken.  Not sure if it's because of the non-standard subdirectory I have Piwigo installed in, or question_mark_in_urls=false in my config, or both.

For example, on this page
The img tag is
<img src="./plugins/FacebookPlug/icon/share.png" class="button" alt="Share on Facebook">
which is looking for share.png at
https://orrison.com/gallery/index/categ … /share.png

when it should be

https://orrison.com/gallery/plugins/Fac … /share.png

This seems like the same problem mendip_discovery was having in 2013.

Piwigo 2.7.4, FacebookPlug 2.7.29995



#107 2016-02-27 01:35:08

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Re: [Plugin] FacebookPlug

Where can I configure which Preview image I want to display o the Facebook link?



#108 2016-08-06 07:45:12

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Re: [Plugin] FacebookPlug

Hi, I've been playing with this plugin in my piwigo deployment.

I have a really minor observation for the logo's in the nav bar. On most pages (e.g. albums, index.php) the facebook icon is centred vertically with the other icons. However on a photo page (picture.php) the facebook icon is aligned to the top.

It looks like on the index page all the elements in <div class="navbar-right"><ul class="nav navbar-nav"> are under a <li> tag. However on the picture.php page you have the "<a class="pwg-state-default pwg-button" onclick="window.open(this.href,..." diirectly under the <ul>, not in a <li> tag.

Uploaded Images



#109 2017-09-10 21:56:52

Location: Campo Grande, MS, Brasil
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Re: [Plugin] FacebookPlug


First I would like to inform you that I am using "Google Translate" to translate my question, so if have a grammar error, I'm sorry. I used the translator because I know almost nothing English.

Your plugin is very excellent and everything I needed for my site. Would like to know if have how to place the comment box of the plugin to replace the Piwigo comment box? And how can I do that?

And also how to modify the location of the share button to another part of the image page? And how can I do that, too?

I am wanting to modify the position of the plugin comment box, because I modified the theme to have that information contained all along with the image. And I would like the comment box of the plugin instead of Piwigo's comment box, because most users of my site use Facebook as a means of contact.

Thank you for your attention and I await your response.
Detail: I do not know much about programming, I know the basics of everything (HTML and CSS) :/

Site: Galeria Bus MS - Test
Theme: Bootstrap Default



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